May 6, 2024

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Auto Industry Customer Service

Partnered Post   Imagine you took your car to your nearest mechanic because of a problem that you recently noticed. It’s your first time there and you don’t really know what to expect. You’re greeted by the customer service personnel, with a huge smile on their face. You tell them the problem, and in a […]

Car Maintenance

Improve Your Driving Today

Partnered Post No matter how long you might have been driving, you can always hope to improve your skills in some way or another, and that is something which is absolutely worth bearing in mind. Improving your driving skills will not only mean that you are going to be considerably safer on the roads – […]

Driving activities , Vehicle safety , Young Drivers

Who Wins the ‘Battle of The Twins’ – the Subaru Impreza or Crosstrek?

Partnered Post The Subaru Impreza and Crosstrek are basically twins at heart. Just not identical ones.   Like any close relations, there are lots of similarities between them – but plenty of differences too.    What makes Subaru a great choice? Subaru models lead the market for value and reliability – and they’re a great choice […]

Car Review , Subaru

Car Tech You Never Knew You Needed in 2019

Partnered Post   Technology has had a huge impact and effect on nearly every part of our lives. This is including the cars we drive. Cars today are more advanced than ever before and have technologies built-in that wouldn’t have even been possible a few years ago.    However, in addition to the cars themselves […]

Car Technology

How To Choose The Best Small Car For You

Partnered Post   When you’re looking for a vehicle that’s a little more small and compact, you are often faced with the ridiculous or extreme. It is possible to have a small car that contains more than one seat, and realistically you do not have to compromise on functionality or looks. Drivers may need smaller […]

Car Buying

Don’t Get Caught Out On The Road: The 3 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Partnered Post   Nothing feels quite as good as getting out on the open road and enjoying the freedom of being behind the wheel, especially if you have purchased a car from somewhere like Emerald Vehicle Sales. Of course, nothing puts a downer on that faster than finding yourself stuck in your car in the […]

Car Maintenance

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