February 5, 2024

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Technology has had a huge impact and effect on nearly every part of our lives. This is including the cars we drive. Cars today are more advanced than ever before and have technologies built-in that wouldn’t have even been possible a few years ago. 


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However, in addition to the cars themselves being more tech-heavy than ever before, so are the types of car accessories you can buy. You can get technology for helping your secure and protect your car, make it more connected or even find technology to help you buy a car.


With all of that in mind, this article is going to look at a few pieces of car tech you never knew you needed to use in 2019. 


Underrated Online Tools


While these are not in-car technologies, they are certainly types of technology that can help our vehicles. All you need to take advantage of and use many of these cars is an internet connection. These tools and technologies can do a wide range of things from helping you research vehicles, knowing the right price to pay for vehicles or even learning the history of a specific vehicle.


For example, looking in VINcheck.info will be able to tell you all about a vehicle. This is done simply by searching its vehicle identification number online. This tool can give you information such as vehicle specs, historical records, sales history, theft check and so much more. Best of all, many of these online tools and helpful technologies are either free to use or incredibly affordable. 


A Dash Cam


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While most drivers out there on the road are honest and just going about their day, this sadly isn’t always the case. There are plenty of people out there who try to stage car accidents. They will do this in order to defraud you or an insurance company. There are many ways they can do this, and proving you have fallen victim to a staged car accident and not a real one can be difficult. 


One of the single best ways to protect yourself from these situations is to install a dash cam. There are dozens of different kinds of dash cams, from lower end models that are affordable for everyone, or very high tech models that are more fully-featured. These will be able to prevent people from lying about what happened, as you will have video evidence at all times. 


In addition to this, you never know when a dash cam or other car security camera could come in handy. It could show you who has been vandalizing your vehicle, who tried to break into it and a variety of other things. 


Portable Jump Starter


With nearly 40 million vehicles on the road throughout the Great Britain alone, it is common for many of them to experience issues. One of the most common issues that many drivers experience is their car not starting. This is often due to battery issues, but not always. While some of us might have friends or family we can call for a boost, this isn’t always the case.


If your car is dead and no one can help you, your options are fairly limited. A tow truck can be expensive and you don’t want to buy a new battery before you diagnose the issue. Instead, a better option for these scenarios is to purchase a portable car jump starter. These hold enough juice to start your car without needing anyone else or being next to a power outlet. These can be found for very low prices and can be a huge help in tough situations. 


In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you learn of some of the cool car tech out there that could be beneficial to you in 2019 and beyond. 


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