July 15, 2024

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The Things You Will Need For A Road Trip

Partnered Post Are you dreaming of going on a road trip? If so, you’ve come to the best place. Road trips can be great fun. They allow us to go off the beaten track and discover things we wouldn’t see on a plane or bus. They offer immense feelings of freedom and are ideal for […]

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How To Encourage Your Teen To Practice Safe Driving

Partnered Post According to statistics, one-fifth of killed or seriously injured collisions recorded in the UK involved a teen driver. Cars offer your teenager great convenience, comfort, and independence. However, it would be difficult to enjoy these benefits if your child is not educated on the need to practice safe driving. So, how can you […]

Driving activities , Vehicle safety , Young Drivers

7 Items You Should Always Have in Your Car

Partnered Post Driving can be an unpredictable experience, and anything can happen when you’re on the road. Whether you’re heading out for a long road trip or just running errands around town, it’s always important to stay prepared for any situation that may arise, such as a flat tyre, a dead battery, or becoming distracted. […]

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Are You At Risk Of Being A Distracted Driver?

Partnered post Distracted driving is a huge factor in motor incidents, with roughly 8% of all fatal accidents that happened in the year 2020 factoring in some form of distraction. You might think that you don’t allow yourself to get distracted, but is that true? Here, we’re going to look at some of the causes […]

Driving activities , Vehicle safety , Young Drivers

Tips for Passing Your Driving Test Sooner

Partnered Post To get your driver’s licence, you have to pass a driving test. For most people, this is a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. There are ways that you can speed up the process and make it a little less stressful. In this article, we will discuss some tips for passing […]

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Pass Your Driving Test First Time With These Smart Tips

Partnered Post Yes! You can pass your test for the first time. Read on to find out how.    Make sure you use your instructor’s car There will be cars that you can use available at your test centre, but it just makes sense to book and use your instructor’s car. After all, this is […]

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Preparing for Your First Winter Behind the Wheel

Partnered Post   If you learned to drive or bought your first car in the spring or summer, you might not have had any experience driving in winter weather. You might not have spent much time driving in the dark, as most of your journeys can easily be completed inside daylight hours in the summer […]

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Increasing Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Partnered Post   The price of buying a car is one of the bigger outlays most of us will make, but the ticket price of the vehicle we buy is likely to be small potatoes compared with the cumulative expense of putting fuel in its tank over the years. Although prices at the pumps can […]

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Three Genius Ways You Can Use Your Car To Get More Money

Partnered Post   Some people see cars as too much of a financial burden. They cost money to buy, and they require a lot of money to run and maintain. This can put some people off car ownership, but did you realise that your car can also be a source of cash?   When you […]

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Six Ways to Be An Eco-Friendly Driver

Partnered Post   Love driving? Wouldn’t be yourself if you weren’t a car person? Still want to do your bit for the planet? Have no fear! You can always be eco-friendly without giving up your passion. Check out these six tips to green up your driving.   Used Cars Buying a used car is a […]

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