February 4, 2024

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When you’re looking for a vehicle that’s a little more small and compact, you are often faced with the ridiculous or extreme. It is possible to have a small car that contains more than one seat, and realistically you do not have to compromise on functionality or looks. Drivers may need smaller cars for many reasons, from those as simple as having a cramped garage or driveway, or simply disliking the idea of a saloon or pick up truck. Whatever your rationale, here are some top tips to get you started and find the best little car on the market to suit your individual wants and needs.

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Fit For Purpose

The type of small car that you choose ultimately depends on its purpose. If you will be using the car to transport your family, you have to ensure that it’s big enough to accommodate car seats and possibly some room in the boot for storage. If you require a smaller car to swerve around thin and busy streets, you may want to consider searching for a city car instead, as they are easier to maneuver and park. If you’re more concerned with the environment and want to factor sustainability into your investment, why not opt for a whole or part electrical car? They’re much more eco-friendly and are commonly produced with smaller dimensions than their diesel counterparts.


Consider Your Budget

The amount of money that you can spend on your new compact car will impact on the make and model you’re able to get. However, even with a smaller budget you can search for a secondhand vehicle of some sorts, such as a used Peugeot that can still provide you with all of the features but with a few more miles on the clock and a much smaller price tag.  There are so many ways you can save money when buying a car, but the most important thing is to do your research well in advance and be clued when you meet with a seller to haggle and potentially strike a deal.


Avoid The Entry Level

It’s common for brands and manufacturers to create their own very basic and limited version of a compact car that sells for a reasonably low price. However, the money you save will show i the features of the car, as the lack what are deemed as necessities by most drivers. On the surface they appear to be functioning cars with no issues, but their lack of detail makes for a bad quality drive overall. It’s better to avoid these entry level cars completely, as they are a waste of your time and investment.


Hopefully these tips can help you in choosing the best small car for your wants and needs. Be thorough in your search and always keep your budget and specifications at the front of your mind, as looks aren’t everything when it comes to compact cars. Ensure the model is functional and fit for purpose, and take it out for a test drive to see what it’s like on the road.  


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