August 11, 2022

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Happy Friday everyone, almost the weekend and my  final post before next week, I hope you enjoy it.


After stumbling across an interesting video about the American muscle car scene in Tokyo, I thought I would provide you with the video and my thoughts on the content.


The Car Spotter will be following on yesterday’s oversight of Zhuhai supercars with another article from Eastern Asia, this time Tokyo.


Japanese car culture is known for accessorising their vehicles with neon lights and other body accessories, the most famous being Yakuza owned Lamborghini’s. It is unexpected to see the same treatment to be done with modern American muscle cars.


American muscle purists may be upset and offended, but the uniqueness and modifications to the muscle cars are something that stand out. Whether you appreciate the changes is down to personal preference.


Some of the cars include a Chevrolet Camaro RS, Ford Mustang GT and Dodge Challenger SRT8 amongst others. The cars all have mean sounding engine and exhaust noises in the video, some have been tuned.

Luminous green special edition Chevrolet Camaro RS

Luminous green special edition Chevrolet Camaro RS

Four American muscle cars

Four American muscle cars

Tron style Chevrolet Camaro

Tron style Chevrolet Camaro


A lot of the vehicles have body modifications and bright, brash paintwork including a black and orange tron themed muscle car.


Please view the video below where the cars are briefly reviewed, exhaust and engine noises demonstrated and then a short drive through Tokyo follows, with the cars on show.



Personally, I think the scene is all about personal taste. What may not appeal to some people is hugely attractive for others. It is all about perspective. I can appreciate some of the modifications, such as the bright colours really fit the personality of the cars well and some of the body changes are quite subtle. Other people may not like the modifications as the cars are no longer stock and original. Some people may think the neon lights are tacky and garish. Everybody is allowed their own viewpoint though, and that is the main thing in the car modification world.


What are your thoughts on the Tokyo American muscle car scene? Which is your favourite American muscle car from the video? Do you think the modifications are too much?


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