June 19, 2024

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Six Key Things to Ask When Buying Your First Used Car

The used car market is soaring high after the demand for semiconductors to manufacture new cars. However, used cars are easily achievable dreams for the buyers and to enjoy the trendy features within the hard-earned money.

It’s common for brand new vehicles to lose their value as soon as they leave the showroom, so it’s not a cost-effective alternative if you’re looking for a long-term car. 

Here are a few things you must ask the seller whilst negotiating.

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Six questions to confirm with the seller

Whether you choose to buy the car from a dealer or private seller, it is essential to know the used car value and its history. Ensure you walk away from the deal when you find something is not right. 

Before that, you can ask the seller directly about its condition if you feel suspicious. 

Has the vehicle been taxed and insured?

The important thing to check is if the vehicle has been declared statutory off-road (SORN) means the vehicle does not have paid tax and insurance. The car is not eligible to drive on the roads of the UK. If you bought the car without knowing its tax and insurance status, you have to pay the money for it.

Does it pass the last MOT test?

Every vehicle older than three years in the UK should pass an MOT. Some kind of minor faults and repairs leads to MOT failure. You have to analyse the vehicle’s MOT because you might end up spending a lot of money to buy that vehicle unknowingly. (Note: Don’t buy a vehicle in any circumstance if it does not have good MOT history.)

What was the exact mileage of the car?

If you are interested in the vehicle you saw, then the first thing you have to look for is its mileage. Look up the odometer to know the recorded mileage. Also, it’s free nowadays to verify if the mileage has been tampered with or clocked. 

A vehicle’s mileage directly impacts its value on the road. Many cars are reported to be clocked and have hidden histories in the UK. Look for a cheap car data checker that will reveal the complete hidden history of a vehicle

Is the logbook genuine?

There are chances that the seller tries to provide the fake logbook if the vehicle is stolen or financed, even if it is marked as high-risk. 

Also, the V5C logbook is the only way to verify the number of owners and service history of the vehicle. Sometimes, the car might be under finance. It is crucial because if the car has any pending finance on it, then the registered keeper is the finance company. Then it becomes illegal to buy or sell without the finance company’s consent. (Note: If the vehicle has not got a V5C, don’t progress with the deal further.)

Did you take a car for a test drive?

After all, a test drive is the only way to know if the car is well maintained previously. If you don’t know much about cars, bring along a friend or family member who does. They will accompany you throughout the test and ask any questions that you might overlook if you were alone. Having a second opinion is always beneficial.

Seek a mechanic’s help:

Inspect the vehicle by hiring a trusted mechanic near to your location. It is the best way to know if the car has any damage, including each part including tyres, mirrors, bonnet, interiors, and exterior bodywork. You have to pay at least 200GBP for a full inspection, but it’s worth it.

Once you have purchased your ideal car and are looking for ways to maintain it, read the Car Care Tips For New Drivers for ideas on how to maintain and extend the life of your vehicle.

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