February 4, 2024

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Nothing feels quite as good as getting out on the open road and enjoying the freedom of being behind the wheel, especially if you have purchased a car from somewhere like Emerald Vehicle Sales. Of course, nothing puts a downer on that faster than finding yourself stuck in your car in the middle of nowhere after a breakdown or an accident or something as simple as running out of fuel. You can pretty much guarantee it happens when it not busy and there are no cars or houses for miles to help you in either direction. The very last thing you want in an already stressful situation is to find yourself without something to help you get on your way – or call for backup. If you have got the right supplies in your car, you are much less likely to get stuck in any real trouble for an extended period of time, even if you do break down. Here are a few things that everyone should have in their car at all times, no matter what.


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A Phone

Most of us don’t leave the house without our mobile phone these days, but you can guarantee that the one time you go out without your phone, or it runs out of battery is the one time you will desperately need it. You can keep a spare charger lead in your car, but if your ignition doesn’t turn on for any reason, you can’t charge it. What you could do is keep an old phone in the boot or the glovebox. As long as it has some charge, even a phone that has no sim card in it can be used to call any of the emergency services. This is particularly useful if you find yourself in a dangerous position


A Jack

Compared to a lot of things, changing a tyre isn’t actually that difficult. In fact, everyone should learn how to do it if possible. However, if you cannot get the wheel off the ground in the first place, you have a little bit of a problem! A lot of cars do already come with a jack built in, but that is no guarantee, and finding out that it doesn’t when you have a flat tyre is not particularly helpful. Check when you purchase a car that it has one, and if not, get one!


Jump Leads

Just like changing a tyre, restarting your car when it breaks down can be a relatively straightforward process, particularly if it is a battery problem. However, you do need the right equipment. One of these is a good Samaritan to give you a jump start from their car, and the other is the jump leads actually to do it! Keeping a set in your boot can be the difference between being back on the road in a matter of minutes and spending hours waiting for a breakdown truck to rescue you. We know which one we would rather do!


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