April 21, 2024

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Car-Scent to Cologne – Embracing the Iconic Smell

Partnered Post   Next time you sit in your car, take a moment to inhale deeply through your nose. If you’ve had the vehicle for a while, you might not immediately notice its unique scent – but now’s the time to appreciate it again.   Every car has a distinct scent; whether it’s that rich […]

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What To Buy The Car Enthusiast In Your Life

Partnered Post Not everyone can be a vehicle enthusiast, or perhaps they may be one-in-waiting, and haven’t quite unlocked that sensibility within themselves just yet. Well, if you feel like this could be you, you are absolutely in the right place, and we’d humbly direct you to many articles hosted here. However, sometimes you just […]

Product Review

Snap-on Portable Power 1700 review, how to start a car with a flat battery

Today The Car Spotter will be reviewing a piece of equipment used for restarting any car that has a flat battery, the Snap-on Portable Power 1700. Unfortunately, through lack of driving and start-ups over winter my grandma’s car, an automatic Vauxhall Corsa, lost all charge in the battery. It is more complicated to restart an […]

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£50,000 Swarovski Crystal T-Cut tin for 60th Diamond Anniversary

People have been known to go to huge lengths and cost to ensure their cars are well maintained and looked after. This year, British company T-Cut have marked their 60th anniversary with the creation of a dazzling £50,000 Swarovski Crystal-encrusted T-Cut tin. The sparkling tin has 26,000 individual diamonds and took a total of 75 […]

Car Maintenance , Product Review

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