July 15, 2024

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After a few years of owning a car, you can become bored of the same four wheels and doors. Maybe you want to buy a new car but haven’t got the funds. Or maybe you are just looking for an upgrade, a brand new feel. Well, there are so many ways you can transform your existing car, to make it look and feel like a new one. By doing some of the changes suggested below, you will breathe a bit of life back into your wheels. And perhaps you will think twice about sending your car to the scrap heap. 


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Vinyl wrapping

Instead of painting your car, you can wrap it instead. You can give your car a brand new colour, or you can go for a pattern or motif. Whatever your choice. Wrapping has become a very popular option for car colour upgrades as it is cheaper than a paint job, quicker and simpler to do, and it protects the paintwork beneath. If wrapping the whole car doesn’t appeal, you could just go for the wing mirrors, for example. In addition, you can wrap the car’s interior in vinyl wrapping too. You could just cover just the dashboard and steering wheel, or you could go for the whole interior and give it a 3D look if you wanted to.


Seat Covers

Are the seats a little boring and starting to wear out? Well, you can add seat covers and brighten up the whole interior by doing so. There are such a vast array of designs and textures out there that you are sure to discover something to fit your individual style. If you like that racing look, you can get red and black racing seat covers. Also, covers protect the seat below.


Racing Cage 

On the theme of racing, if you feel you want to buy a new car but aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to your old one, you have options. Some people completely transform their old car into a racing car. To do this, you will need to strengthen the car with strut braces to make it safe. Using your old road car on a track can be a great option for those petrol heads out there. A day out at a racing venue is also a lot of fun.


Floor Mats 

Another simple way to transform the interior is by chucking out those old floor mats and replacing them with something far more stylish. You can go for those metal-plated kinds or some rubber ones with a bit of weight to them. 



How about getting some alloys for your car. They look great and can instantly make your car look more expensive. Again there are many different designs out there, and if you wanted you can paint them black. Alloys also have the added benefit of strengthening your wheel arch and giving it more durability. This is because they usually fit the car better than the standard wheels and are made of aluminium as opposed to steel. This also means they are more flexible around corners than the standard wheels, which gives the car better handling. 

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