June 26, 2022

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When you are the proud owner of an automobile, you must take care of your vehicle so that it takes care of you. Thankfully, there are a few things that you both need to do as well as should do to keep things running smoothly.


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Schedule An MOT Test

If your vehicle is more than three years old, it is time to schedule an MOT test (Ministry of Transport test). This is an inspection that occurs annually once your vehicle reaches its three-year mark. The MOT test will help assess the safety, suitability of roadworthiness, driveability, and finally an exhaust emissions test. 

Go to the experts for an MOT offered on a “Time Slot” schedule. Find an inspection site that offers nearby amenities to keep you busy while they inspect your vehicle. You can enjoy a fun dining experience with a friend or engage in some shopping while caring for your car.

Before you schedule an MOT test, there are some steps to take to prepare. Take initiative and spot check the external features of your car, such as headlights and taillights, blinkers, tyre depth, and the list goes on. A little preparation before the MOT test can save you from unnecessary repairs and time before you go.


Follow The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

All vehicle manufacturer’s have suggested maintenance schedules that are listed clearly in the owner’s manual. If you are no longer in possession of the manual, contact the dealership where you purchased it, reach out to the automaker directly, or search for it online. Once you have the information at hand, stay up-to-date on the recommended schedule for properly servicing the vehicle. 

While the items listed in the maintenance schedule may look like suggestions they are well-researched tasks that should be completed at specific intervals in the vehicle’s life to keep it in optimal condition. Handling these tasks will not only save you from unnecessary repairs down the road due to lack of care but these maintenance schedules are designed for safety, as well.


General Car Care

Beyond following the manufacturer’s maintenance timetables, there are some things that any vehicle owner should do to keep it in proper condition. Keeping your car clean and washing it regularly go a long way to keep it looking good. Cleaning the outside will wash off dirt and chemicals that may erode the exterior or undercarriage. The interior of the car is just as important. Washing the windows will enhance your view for safety and let you enjoy the scenery without obstructions. Regular wipe-downs will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the vents and dashboard. General cleaning of high-touch areas can help prevent the spread of germs, too.

Another easy way to improve your car’s performance and longevity is to check the tyre pressure. Here is a video showing you how.


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Even after you take care of your MOT test and routine maintenance there may be some other areas to address. Part of taking good care of your vehicle is taking care of yourself. You are quite literally the driving force behind the wheel. If you feel uneasy or find yourself lacking confidence in your driving skills and abilities, reassess your situation to have the best driving experience possible. Sometimes a little support and guidance are all you need to get out on the open road and explore your world.

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