June 26, 2022

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How To Not Fail Your MOT

An MOT test is required by law in the UK to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy. They happen once a year and it’s just a way of making sure your car is safe. However, no matter how well you look after your car, every year around MOT time people start to panic that their car will fail. There’s nothing worse than your car going for an MOT and it fails, resulting in you having to pay hundreds of pounds just to be able to drive your car home again. We all know mechanics,  and we all ask them questions about our car help from time to time, however, unless the mechanic is trained to do the MOT then you cannot be 100% sure that your car will pass. Here are some handy tips that you can do to prevent your car from failing an MOT.


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  1. Check your mirrors

Checking your mirrors are not cracked or hanging off should be something you do every time you get in the car. It’s something that is drilled into us throughout our driving lessons; mirror, check, manoeuvre. However, if you have picked up bad driving habits you may not always check the mirrors. To pass your MOT you need to make sure all of your mirrors are not broken and that they are in the correct positions.


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2) Check your engine lights

If any of your check engine lights are on, you should immediately get them seen by a mechanic.  They are warning lights for a reason and if they are ignored it could lead to more detrimental issues within your car. If you go to an MOT with a warning light on your dashboard you are probably going to fail. So just keep up to date with car maintenance and address any warning lights that appear.


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3) Check your lights

All of your lights must work all of the time. When learning to drive you should be taught everything that you need to know about the car and how to check them. One of those things is making sure all your lights are working correctly, this is because if they are not, you are not driving safely. The police can stop you if any of your lights are not working and issue a fine for your negligence. Therefore making sure your lights work correctly is an easy tick for your MOT.


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4)Beep the horn

We rarely beep the horn of our cars because they are a symbol of warning to other cars. However, we need to make sure that our horns are in working order because they are a safety feature of our cars. So when undertaking pre MOT checks such as the ones in his list give your horn a quick blast just to make sure it still works!


5) Visit willitpass.com

If you still aren’t sure visit willitpass.com. All you have to do is put in your reg details and the rest is done for you!

That’s it! Fingers crossed that you pass! 

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