July 20, 2024

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When you own a 4WD or 4-wheel drive vehicle, you have something special and something that will very much benefit from the accessories you can add to it. So, in this article, we shall look at the kinds of 4×4 accessories that are available to kit out your vehicle with. Many of which are essential additions, especially when it comes to off- road travel.


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Mud Flaps

Mud flaps can also be known as mud guards or splash guards. They will help to protect your vehicle from adverse weather conditions, and from the debris that is on or off the road. It is an inevitability that your 4WD will encounter dirt, mud, rocks, tar, water, and all the elements that can be found on the road and everywhere else you might need to travel. A good set of mud flaps will protect your vehicle from damage.


It is more important to have mud flaps when you have a 4WD, SUV, or truck and they are such a simple yet effective accessory. They are designed specifically to keep the debris and dirt from the road from kicking up and then hitting those sensitive parts of your vehicle. The parts that are going to mean a repair bill. They protect the finish of your paintwork from scratches and dents from occurring, by deflecting the loose debris that flies up and can potentially hit your 4WD as it travels along as part of your work or during leisure pursuits.


Some people will avoid fitting mud flaps because they think that they cause drag. They do, but the effect of this is small and so the impact on any extra fuel being used is negligible. It is a small price to pay for protecting your 4WD from avoidable harm.



A vehicle snorkel can be thought of as the land equivalent of the snorkel a submarine uses. It will allow your 4WD to be submerged in water but your diesel engine to still work and power your vehicle.


The snorkel works by supplying air to both the engine and the sealed crew compartment, thereby allowing total submersion.


It is a wonderful invention for drivers needing to pass through deep water that would otherwise stop an engine and prevent a driver from following their intended route. Many a vehicle has become stuck because of its engine cutting out when water proved deeper than expected. This inconvenience and potentially costly repair bill can be avoided.


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Bash Plates

Bash plates are very much a 4WD accessory as cars will not generally have them fitted. They protect the underside of vehicles from damage.


The bash plate will usually be manufactured from light and durable materials such as aluminium. It is not a good idea to completely expose the underside of a vehicle to all that it faces on a journey because there is the potential for annoying and expensive damage to occur. It is this section of a vehicle that is most exposed to road debris. Thankfully, there are bash plates that can be purchased to protect a 4WD or similar vehicle. They are well worth the investment when it comes to protecting your vehicle. So, you should seriously consider having some fitted if you do not have them already. If you do, then it might be useful to see if more are required to provide additional protection to the underside of your vehicle.


See an example of a pristine grey Bentley 4X4 SUV Bentayga spotted outside the Intercontinental here.


In summary, many accessories are available that can protect and improve a 4WD. The main ones, as mentioned above, are mud flaps to protect a vehicle from road debris, snorkels that allow a vehicle to travel through deep water, and bash plates that go a step further than mud flaps in protecting the underside of a 4WD. By following the link in the opening paragraph of this article you can find out about these accessories and more that are available online to buy for a 4WD or similar vehicle.

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