July 15, 2024

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For some people, their car is simply a form of transport; a convenient way of getting from A to B. For others, their relationship with their car is a little more personal, and while their vehicles are an undeniably useful means of getting around, they would much rather do so in something that more closely reflects their personality and aesthetic desires.


If you fall into the latter category, then this article is for you. However, if you are planning on selling your car any time soon, you should probably forego the ideas here, as too many personal touches can negatively affect the resale price. But if you wouldn’t dream of selling your prized motor – you are perhaps a little too in love with your car – then feel free to personalise your car as you see fit.



#1: Give your car a custom paint job. Whether you are bored with the colour of your car, or simply looking to transform the exterior completely, then you can showcase your motor with your personal taste in color. Bright red with orange flames? Blue, with green polka dots? It’s completely up to you, as you can go for something completely outrageous or something that borders on the right side of tasteful. Talk to your nearest body shop for professional advice.


#2: Personalise your number plate. When applying personal number plates, you can go for something as simple and inexpensive as your initials, or spend a little more with a more elaborate name. It all depends on the budget you are working with, and what you want your number plate to say. What matters is that it is unique to you, and set apart from all of those other generic number plates that fill our highways and byways.


#3: Pimp up the interior. You don’t have to focus on the exterior of your car, as there are ways you can personalise the interior too. You could include made to measure seat covers, in the colors and materials of your choice. You could do the same with the steering wheel, adding a cover that reflects your personal tastes. Pink and fluffy anyone? You can even add LED interior lights, which will brighten up your nighttime rides no end, and you might bling up your seat pedals and gear stick. And then there are all the usual additions, such as air fresheners and dashboard decorations, so do what you can according to the money you have available.


#4: Add decoration. They might not do much other than look pretty in and on your car, but when it comes to adding personal touches, that’s kind of the point. So, you could add personalised bumper stickers, antenna toppers, reindeer antlers, headlight eyelashes, and more. It’s your car to do what you want with, regardless of the tastes of others, so have some fun and add anything that makes you smile.


Who wants to drive around in a boring looking, generic vehicle? Certainly not you if you enjoy your car, so consider our suggestions and give your motor that personalised look and feel.

Let us know what you think, and if you have included something in or on your car that we haven’t mentioned here, be sure to share your pimped-up ideas with us.

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