May 12, 2024

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Once you or someone you know has passed the driving test with flying colours, and maybe even first-time, you need to think about buying a car so you can have the independence to get around without arranging a vehicle rota with the rest of your family. There are so many cars, though, and if you’ve never bought a car before, you might not know what to look for. As a first-time driver, you need something safe and reliable, which should help you find the perfect little runner. 

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Consider Affordability 

It’s no secret that owning a car is expensive. Besides buying the vehicle itself, you need to remember road tax, insurance, petrol, and any repairs or maintenance along the way. It’s important to establish a budget before you start looking for a car. Once you know how much you’re willing (and able) to spend, visiting a car garage will give you an idea of the types of vehicles available. Depending on what you need the car for – perhaps regular cross-country travel or just getting to and from sixth form or university – consider the fuel efficiency to determine how much it will cost over time. 

Bring Someone With You

If you’ve never bought a car before, you might not recognise the red flags that spring up when someone is trying to sell you a dud. Bringing someone with you to look at cars without any commitment to buying one will lessen the chances of being taken for a ride. As you might lack experience about what to look for in a car, it’s best to let someone else do the talking. 

Ask to See the Vehicle’s History 

The vehicle history will give you a strong idea about the current and [previous condition of any vehicle you select. Even if one car looks perfect, it could be riddled with issues that you won’t notice until you’re hurtling down the motorway. Luckily, you can get this information through the DVLA. This means you can double-check all the details you need to know before purchasing a vehicle, which will save you plenty of money and even more stress if the vehicle does not perform as hoped. 

Don’t Focus Too Much on the Gadgets 

Yes, Bluetooth, GPS, and rear cameras are all appealing, but while they come with many modern models as standard, it’s unlikely you’re going to find a first car that’s affordable with all of these gadgets. For most first-time drivers, there’s no need for all of these add-ons. You can plug your phone in with an AUX cable or purchase a Bluetooth receiver to play music over the speaker system. You can attach a phone dock and use a navigation app instead. And as for rear cameras, just be careful when reversing into parking spots. You’ll have plenty of chances to upgrade your car later. 

The Start of the Journey 

Everyone needs a starter car that they feel comfortable in and where they can learn how they are as a driver when they don’t have an instructor beside them. As long as you choose a simple and hassle-free car, you won’t have any issues beginning your driving journey. 

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