July 15, 2024

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Buying a used car is tricky because car dealers don’t always have excellent reputations. From the beginning, you might be thinking, “how do I know if I’m getting a good deal?!” The answer lies in the trustworthiness of the dealer. As long as they are reputable and reliable, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the deal.


Of course, spotting the signs isn’t something that everyone is good at because not all of us deal with car dealers. To help, this post has put together a list of the top four things to look out for the next time you’re on a lot.


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These are the signs that a dealer is trustworthy.


The Reviews Are Positive

As always, you can put your faith in the previous customers who have used the service before you. Customers are unbiased and only have gripes if there is an issue. So, the first thing to watch for is reviews. Start by going on the company’s website and scrolling through the testimonials they publish, and then cross-reference them with others on comparison websites. By doing this, you ensure you get a varied sample size. Also, look for certifications, A Trustpilot logo means they are certified by one of the most reputable review sites on the web.


A Motoring Association approves them

There are two main ones in the UK – the AA and RAC – and both approve car dealers. The likes of Motorparks and Oodle Cars sign up to these programs because they know that they instil trust. Not only that – they come with perks that customers love, too. Concerning the RAC, vehicles undergo an 82-point vehicle preparation test as standard, as well as receiving a service and M.O.T. Plus, it includes a one-year warranty and twelve months’ worth of breakdown cover. Even if something does go wrong, you will have peace of mind knowing the repairs won’t cost you a penny. 


The Cars Look The Part

You should never judge a book by its cover, yet you shouldn’t dismiss its cover either. Although the car might be fine under the bonnet, the car’s appearance is a sign that shows whether the dealer takes its job seriously. Vehicles that look the part showcase the dealer’s commitment to providing quality cars at low prices. If they’ve made an effort with the interior and exterior, the odds are they won’t have cut corners anywhere else. It’s not the most important thing but it does reflect on the company.


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A Test Drive Is Included

A test drive is the car industry’s version of a taster menu. Getting the opportunity to try the product before you buy it will alert you to any potential problems. More than that, it gives you a feel for the vehicle and encourages you to get comfortable. A free test drive shows that the dealer is confident in the product and doesn’t have anything to hide. They won’t let you drive it alone, but taking a rep for a spin shouldn’t be a problem.


If you spot these signs, there’s no need to fret.


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