October 15, 2019

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Today The Car Spotter will be showing footage of the recent McLaren 650S coupe supercar crash on a wet road in Poland. It seems Friday 13th March was certainly unlucky for some.



This comes only weeks after a McLaren 650S was badly damaged in London after crashing into a Saab 9-3.


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Four days ago, on public roads an orange McLaren 650S coupe worth upwards of £195,000 ($288,000, €274,000) had an unfortunate incident on the Polish S7 highway that connects Warsaw to Krakow. The McLaren 650S is reportedly only one of two models in Poland.


You can watch the video of the crash below:


It seems the McLaren 650S experienced the phenomenon known as aquaplaning where the tires fly over the water instead of gripping the road, losing all traction and grip. In this split second, the McLaren ends up facing the motorway barrier and slamming into it, spinning before coming to a halt. Debris litters the motorway and the front end is heavily damaged, especially on the left side that came into contact with the road safety barrier.


It is difficult to avoid situations like these, as it appears the driver of the McLaren 650S was not driving foolishly, instead it could be avoided by not driving a supercar in such wet conditions. Either way, it is unpleasant to see such a beautiful McLaren being damaged.


You can view a video of the McLaren 650S intact in all its glory below:






McLaren 650S Coupe

0-60mph: 3 seconds

Top Speed: 204mph (limited) (328km/h)

Bhp: 641bhp

Torque: 678 Nm

Engine: Twin-Turbo 3.8 Litre V8

Transmission: 7-Speed RWD

Weight: 1330kg

Price: £195,000+ $288,000+ €274,000+



What are your thoughts on the crash? Do you like the McLaren 650S?


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