August 11, 2022

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In the world of motors, having something new can be a lot more desirable than buying something second hand. A lot of car owners don’t like the idea of getting a second hand car, and this is something which can make it challenging for those who want to embrace this scene but simply can’t afford the vehicles they want if they buy them new. It can be easier than you might expect to make a used motor appear as if it’s new, though, and this is a great way to handle this when you’re worried about your street cred. To help you out, this post will be giving you some tips to achieve this goal.


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The Right Car

This all has to start with the right car. Dealerships work hard to make sure that their used cars are in good condition, but you’re going to need one with very specific specifications if this is going to work out. For example, you need something as new as possible, without any dents, and without graphics or sticks which will give away its true age. Once you’ve got your hands on a vehicle like this, simply cleaning it will be enough to make it look new.


The Number Plate

Not a lot of people realise, but the number plate on your car can be very revealing when it comes to the age of the motor. Stamped with the date of its manufacture, this can be a dead giveaway to those who know about cars, and often the first place people look. Getting a custom number plate will cost a little bit of money, but this will usually be far less than paying the price for a new car, and will give you the chance to hide the age nicely.


New & Old Differences

Car manufacturers often only make small changes to the cars they make each year, giving the same models a little bit of a spruce to match the newer styles on the market. Not only will this make it obvious to people that a car isn’t new, but it can also make owners feel bad when they can’t keep up to date. New bumpers, spoilers, and other features of your car can be easy to change, though, and this enables you to update a second hand car to meet new styles.


Keeping It Clean

A clean car will always look better than a dirty one, and many people won’t want to be seen driving around in something which doesn’t sparkle. Cleaning your car once a week will make it look much newer than it actually is, while also making it much easier to keep the car in good condition in the future. Not a lot of people realise quite how bad their car can look when it is dirty, and a good clean will always solve this.


Making a used car looks like a new one can be much simpler than a lot of people realise. For some, this deception won’t be worth it, but it can be very important in some circles, and this makes it worth thinking about.


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