June 2, 2024

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When your teenagers start to fly the nest a little more often, it is usually a matter of time before driving lessons are mentioned. They give your teen so much freedom, and also put them behind the wheel of something that can go pretty fast! 


We think about how often teens are the cause or victim in a car crash, or how your teen couldn’t even remember to turn the washing machine on – so how can they drive?!


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Fear not, it happens to almost all parents. 

Here are a few tips to help you relax when your child starts taking driving lessons



While you might be worried and feel a bit emotional that your kiddo is heading off to take their first lessons, it is important that you keep some of that to yourself. Driving lessons can be nervewracking, so it is important that you try to keep that excited, nervous energy under wraps for a while. 


Set A Good Example

Now more than ever, your teen is going to start watching you drive. Which means you need to make sure that you are also well versed in modern driving rules, and that you stick to the rules of the road. This means they won’t accidentally pick up any of your bad habits. If you are prone to shouting at people as you drive or getting your phone out, then it is time to check your behaviour. 


Make sure that you set a clear rule that when your teen is driving, you don’t expect them, or even want them to answer. In fact, where possible have them set up the Driving function on their phone. This function will automatically send messages to people who call or send a text, to let them know the phone owner is driving. 


Help Them Study

Just like you encourage them to do the best in the tests in school, it’s time to encourage then to study for their driving tests. You can make sure that you are aware of all of the requirements for the theory test, and take part in some practise tests with them too. 


Set aside time every evening to fit in an hour of study. It is important that you have a range of different methods. Each time they do the mock test, they will improve and gain even more knowledge will see them feeling confident and happy as they head into the theory test room. 


Support Their Lessons

There might be a few occasions where you teen is asking you to sit in the passenger seat while they get some more practice is. Try to accommodate this but wait until they are a little bit more confident. When you are sitting in with them, try not to criticise how they drive, but rather mention the areas where they can improve, and the areas that they are doing well in. 


Your teenager heading out and starting to drive can feel like a big milestone, but before you know it, you’ll no longer be the parent or guardian taxi – and you can cash in on all the free rides! 

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