June 19, 2024

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With everyone’s pockets a little less full at the moment compared to this time last year, it makes sense to try and protect the financial assets you do have. One of which is your car, and if looked after properly, you could still make a decent return on your vehicle when it comes to selling up. Not sure where to begin? Here are five ways to prolong the lifespan of your car. Take a read!


1. Fix Repairs Straightaway

If you’re looking to keep your new car in good shape, then starting with the alloys makes sense. Whether you’ve had a near collision, brushed past some shrubbery, or scraped the kerbside, companies like SMART Repairs will be able to refurbish your alloys to a manufacturer-grade finish. There’s no point in spending all that money on your swanky new car if you’re not going to look after it! It’s a relatively straightforward task for most firms to do and doesn’t cost the earth. Being sure to fix repairs straight away is key to helping your car retain its value. If you leave a problem for too long, it could intensify, costing you more money in the long run. For instance, if you have a chip in your windscreen before it turns into a crack. Or, if your exhaust is a little loose, get it tightened up before it falls off when going over a pothole and causes you a problem.


2. Maintain Your Battery

If you’re not a frequent road user and only use your car sparingly, then you ought to consider what this is doing to its battery health. If a car is sat idly parked for an extended period it’ll hold less charge than usual – and could even go flat. Yes, you can jump-start it, but this isn’t brilliant for battery health as it puts quite a strain on the unit. The best way to avoid this is to drive your car at least once a week, even if it’s just for 20 minutes or so, just to keep the battery topped up and in good health. Leave it for longer than that and you could run into trouble, especially in winter. You could also invest in a trickle charger if you have multiple vehicles and know you won’t be using one very often. This is probably a good solution for you if you drive sparingly too.


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3. Drive Sensibly 

No car is going to last very long if its driver doesn’t take good care of it. Try to always drive sensibly and safely to avoid causing any long-term mechanical damage to your vehicle. Revving your engine constantly or driving at a speed that your car isn’t comfortable with for long periods will only hamper its performance in the long run. Equally, trying to complete gear changing smoothly is really important for the health of your gearbox. Try not to stamp on or be rough with your pedals, gearstick, or steering wheel. Driving sensibly will help you to save fuel too, so it’s not just your car’s future interests that you should have in mind – as it could save you cash too.


4. Top Up Your Fluids

This is a common fault of a lot of younger drivers who haven’t previously been taught how to properly look after a vehicle. Ultimately, your fluids are what makes your car tick – and run smoothly at that. Without them, mechanical faults are much more commonplace. Engine oil should be checked regularly – at least once a month, if not more, ideally. If you’re not sure how to do this, give it a quick Google, as it’s very straightforward just to check your dipstick. Your car also needs to be topped up regularly with screenwash and engine coolant to prolong its lifespan. Don’t scrimp on these important fluids as to do so could be perilous for your vehicle.


5. Get It Serviced Regularly

If you’re not much of a mechanic and you wouldn’t be able to check over your own car competently, then it makes sense to stick to your servicing schedule. That means getting your car checked over either every 10,000 miles or per year, whichever comes sooner. Services can be rather pricey but they can prevent unwanted mishaps from occurring and will ensure the safety of your vehicle on the road. Most people time their services with their MOT, meaning that they are done annually and that an owner can be confident in the knowledge that their car is safe and roadworthy. Stick to servicing regularly, and your car can expect to outgrow its lifespan.


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