June 7, 2024

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If you want to go on some great family road trips, you might be considering buying a camper van. It gives you a lot of freedom because you can just jump in and head off whenever you like, and you don’t need to worry about booking hotels and working to a strict schedule. If you like adventure, you’ll love owning a campervan. The only problem is the price. But you can make some big savings if you buy a used camper instead of a brand new one. However, you run the same risks as you do when buying a used vehicle of any kind and you need to take all of the same precautions. There are also some issues that are specific to campers, so even if you have a lot of experience buying used cars, you should still read this guide. These are some of the best tips to follow when buying a used campervan. 


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Find The Right Dealer 

This is the first step in buying any used vehicle because there are a lot of dealers out there that are looking to rip you off. It’s easier for them to fool you if you don’t know much about campers, so make sure that you find a reputable dealer like Calder Motor Company, that sells a lot of campers. If you go with a dealer that has good experience with campers, you’re far more likely to get a good quality vehicle. Always make sure to check out the reviews and meet with a few dealers before you make your decision. That way, you can be sure that you are dealing with somebody reliable. 


Drive It 

This sounds obvious and when you are buying a used car, you would never agree to buy it before you take it for a test drive. But when people are buying used campers, they often focus on the interior and the living space and forget about test driving it. It’s very important that you do test drive it because you need to know whether you can handle the size of the vehicle comfortably as well as finding out if there are any issues with it. 


Habitation Tests 

A habitation test is a very important part of the process when you are buying a used camper, but a lot of people skip it. A habitation test will check things like the water and gas systems, pumps and filters, and the ventilation. You and your family are going to be sleeping in the camper so it’s important that it’s safe and habitable. These tests will also give you an indication of the running costs of the vehicle. Never buy a camper without having these tests carried out by a professional because it could be a safety risk. Once you have bought a camper, it’s a good idea to have a habitation test done once a year as part of your general maintenance routine. 


Buying a used camper is a great way to save money, and as long as you follow these tips, you will get a good deal. 


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