June 2, 2024

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If you have a tidy little nest egg languishing in your savings account or you have recently experienced a windfall, you might be tempted to spend some of your cash on a nice sports car or supercar. The range of supercars on the market today are vast, but they are still elusive. It’s very rare that you will head to the supermarket and see a McLaren 720s parked up outside the click and collect bays. If you are to invest your cash in a supercar, you need to be wary of when and where you enjoy your new set of wheels. Take a look at these three awesome supercars that you might be tempted to enjoy in the years to come.


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Lamborghini Huracan Evo

It’s amazing to think that the Huracan with all of its beauty and specifications is merely the entry model to Lamborghini’s supercar range. The V10 engine creates a machine full of pep, responsiveness, speed, and power. The sleek chassis is the perfect mix of curves and angles. With a stunning metallic sky blue body, this supercar turns heads for all the right reasons. It’s not as huge as other supercars on the market, but it makes up for this with rear-wheel steering and torque vectoring. With many models being imports, you will need to consider left hand drive finance if you are keen to hold back some of your savings or you need to top up your funds for your initial purchase. For a raw and unrefined drive, the Huracan Evo is ideal.


Ford GT

The Ford GT has a history that no other supercars can match. With decades of Ford GT40s claiming victory at the Le Mans races, you can buy into the heritage of this wonderful set of wheels. The Ford GT is a large supercar with a bulky body and an expansive front. While its scale may seem foreboding and might make you think that the handling is like a bucking bronco ride, the responsiveness is surprisingly slick and speedy. The wheels grip the road tightly on every corner, and the ride is smooth. With a 647bhp V6 engine, you will still feel like you are taking part in the Le Mans race if you give it full throttle.


Noble M600

If you fancy a British made niche model rather than a larger scale Italian classic, the Noble M600 could be perfect for you. Nobles are extremely rare to see on British roads and are extremely streamlined and sleek. You won’t see any gimmicks or crazy curves on these supercars. The 650bhp Yamaha turbo V8 engine gives it that extra torque and acceleration you demand from a supercar. You will feel like you are racing in a luxury supercar as you take country lane corners and accelerate down the straights. If you like a classic design with simplicity at its core, the M600 looks more Lotus like than Ferrari-esque. There are no electronic aids in this car. A simple manual gearbox, a responsive engine, and expert handling is the order of the day with this exclusive model.


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