August 8, 2020

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There are various stages of passion in the life of any petrolhead. First comes the enjoyment of driving a vehicle, and the purchasing or financing of a vehicle they’ve dreamt about enjoying for some time. Then comes the love for the internals, perhaps replacing an engine or even getting involved with classic car recreation. Then, if there are funds left to place down, this person might turn into somewhat of a collector. We might only need to watch The Grand Tour or Jay Leno’s Garage to understand this driving passion, with every pun very much intended.


But the ultimate collection of cars? Well, the list could be endless. But there are some cars that the functional collector, the one who wants to actually drive each machine they invest in, might want to look at first. With this short list, we would like to offer three suggestions to potentially help you grow in your passion, and kindle that love for vehicles to the highest heights you have experienced:


The 993 Porsche 911

The 911 is one of the world’s most recognizable cars, and Porsche are among one of the most respected. Delivering world-class handling and corner responsiveness at launch, this model impressed even professional race drivers in terms of how comfortable it was to handle compared to other cars at the time. The sleek body and signature 911 dip also brought with it a sense of refined class, of beauty, and of respect. It’s no accident that this model was to be lovingly depicted in many famous car video-games since. Some might ask why the 996 model isn’t the best choice here. Arguably because the 993 has skyrocketed in value over the last ten years, and thus could potentially bring with it a higher resale value, as well as being a part of history. Of course, other models of Porsche vehicles are excellent choices, provided you read the Porsche IMS bearing issues explained by professionals, as this is often a point of contention with collectors.


Porsche 911 993 Credit

The Ferrari Daytona

If you happen to have a spare £550,000+ then this could be the perfect appreciating classic Ferrari. Everyone knows the Daytona. It is the ultimate in late 60’s – early 70’s sports car engineering. It looks sublime. It still carries a hefty price tag. But if you are lucky enough to find a Ferrari Daytona in need of restoration, it may well be an opportunity not to be missed. The speed, classic internals and general sleek beauty of the car add to its value, but the historical context is much more important, as this was the final front-engined vehicle designed by Enzo Ferrari. You can’t put a price on that kind of cultural relevance.


Ferrari Daytona Credit

The First-Generation Ford Mustang

The first generation 1964 Ford Mustang was an absolute beast of a vehicle. It spawned the ever-present appreciation for muscle cars we have today. Also, experts believe this vehicle is one to watch in 2018, as these cars are still cost-effective while interest is growing. As an investment, they could be considered essential. Not only are they a stamp of the All-American driving experience, but they afford themselves to quality restoration if that’s your interest.


1964 Ford Mustang Credit

These cars are only a select few of the great vehicles out there today.


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