December 2, 2020

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Today The Car Spotter will be discussing the rumoured new Top Gear presenters that the BBC has reportedly approached for the next series which include former model Jodie Kidd, Life on Mars actor Philip Glenister and Channel 4 presenter Guy Martin.



Left to right: Philip Glenister, Jodie Kidd, Guy Martin

You can read The Car Spotter’s blog post about Jeremy Clarkson being suspended here.

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See James May’s decision to not continue with Top Gear without Clarkson here.


After Jeremy Clarkson was recently fired by the BBC for punching BBC director Oisin Tymon, the BBC have had to recruit a new trio of presenters to host the hugely popular car show.


BBC Chiefs were forced to recruit a whole trio of hosts after Richard Hammond and James May refused to sign new contracts, for the reasons that it wouldn’t be the same without Jeremy Clarkson.


Left to right: Guy Martin, Jodie Kidd, Philip Glenister

Jodie Kidd is already a presenter on the Channel 5 show,'The Classic Car Show'

Jodie Kidd is already a presenter on the Channel 5 show,’The Classic Car Show’

Jeremy Clarkson will appear on the series of Top Gear live shows, of which I was fortunate enough to attend the Top Gear Live production in Liverpool before the “fracas” took place.


Read about The Car Spotter’s review of Top Gear Live at the Liverpool Echo Arena here.


Time will tell if these are the next three presenters of the show.


What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you agree with the potential choice of new hosts for Top Gear?


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