September 26, 2021

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Today The Car Spotter, will be discussing recent pictures that spied what is known to be the 2017 Aston Martin DB11 prototype.


The much loved Aston Martin DB9 has been around for over 11 years now and the British Grand Tourer is set to be replaced by a completely new car.


See a video by The Car Spotter of an Aston Martin DB9 starting up here.


Aston Martin, whose headquarters lie in Gaydon, England have sent a heavily camouflaged Aston Martin DB11 around the Nürburgring a couple of weeks ago.


The recently photographed DB11 protoype car features black body cladding instead of any camouflaged vinyl.


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In terms of engine and performance, the DB11 is expected to use a Mercedes AMG built twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This is rumoured to not be a bespoke unit, but instead off-the-shelf engines that will be modified to sound, respond and feel like Aston Martin engines.


The Mercedes AMG V8 unit already produces 503bhp, which is close to the 510bhp produced by the 5.9-litre Aston Martin V12 unit used in the DB9. The torque is increased with 479lb-ft at 1,750rpm compared to the existing 457lb-ft at 5,500rpm from the DB9. With further tuning and enhancement these figures may be increased even more.


The car is claimed to be “dramatically” lighter and have emissions 20% better than the current Aston Martin DB9.


From the front, the Aston Martin DB11 prototype looks like aw traditional Aston Martin, with a similar styled grille, curved sleek bonnet and an overall elegant shape. The rear pictures show the Aston Martin DB9 to be more boxy and square than what is expected from an Aston Martin, but this is just a prototype so this may not be the final look of the Aston Martin DB11. The square spoiler, along with the rest of the rear section appears to have been hastily been put together lending to the idea that this is not the finished look of the car.


Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman has reportedly stated, “It’ll definitely be a DB, but what number will follow that is yet to be decided.”


Reichman said the shape of the new car would be more than an evolution of the current model. “There’ll be a little more revolution in it,” he said. “It will be unmistakably an Aston and a DB at that, but it will look fresh and modern.”


What are your thoughts on the Aston Martin DB11 prototype?


Images courtesy of autoblog and autocar.


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