October 20, 2021

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The high number of auto transport fraud incidents makes it crucial for people to take stringent measures when transporting their vehicles. There are several car shipping companies but choosing the best one can be challenging. How much do you know about them and what must you look out for? With the average cost of shipping cars up to 200 miles pegged at £93 and £157 for those up to 300 miles, it’s necessary to be pragmatic in your choice. Find out more on things to consider before choosing one.


  1. Ensure the company is registered
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The first step to checking the business’s authenticity is to ensure they’re registered with the Department of Transport (DoT). This is especially necessary if they engage in cross-country services (international transport). A company that readily gives you their DoT number is worth using. However, you must play your part by verifying the said number with the local authority. For example, Shiply, a UK-based transport service provider which plies its trade via the internet, is a duly registered business you can trust.


Additionally, with registration comes the need to check whether the company is insured or bonded. This is to have some coverage if an accident happens during the conveying period. It’s quite surprising to know that most cars being transported tend not to be covered by car insurance agencies. You’ll be in a better position knowing that the car you’re transporting has some coverage in the event of unforeseen circumstances. A car is a huge investment that can’t be toyed with.


  1. Educate yourself on shipping rules and regulations

Indeed, every company has its own set of rules and regulations regarding its car shipping business. Even though it’s expedient to know what pertains to that particular company, it helps to have a fair idea of the general rules; that’s paramount in making a decision on which company meets your requirements. Avoid making decisions only based on word-of-mouth promises proffered by car shipping companies.


  1. Reputation
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A company’s reputation cannot be overstated, especially in the face of competition. The company’s credibility, reliability and customer or client review are elements that contribute to their reputation. A simple Google check on the company will provide a list of results detailing its positives and negatives. Secondly, you have the liberty to check out the company’s social media platforms for any other information that can provide insight into their customer relations.


Avoid overlooking negative comments about a said car shipping company as it could be that single detail you need to move on to the next company. Some auto transporters offer customers incentives in hopes of scoring a better rating, and other reports also indicate that some companies have their employees post positive feedback on online platforms. Indeed, it can be challenging to distinguish the fake from the authentic. However, these are some red flags to help you detect the phony ones:


  • Anonymous reviews
  • Exaggerated reviews (too cheesy or too good to be true)
  • Fake social media accounts


Although these are three factors to consider, there are several more you should research on. Unfortunately, the sector has been infiltrated with fraudsters, but you can avoid becoming a statistic with due diligence. 


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