October 14, 2019

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Maybe you have just started your own business and need a vehicle that will hold all your tools. Perhaps you need to convert your normal everyday car that you drive to work and back in, to something that will stand up to the tests of a road trip. Regardless of the reason why you want to convert your car into something more in the utilities realm, you need to understand some basics. Firstly, your car or vehicle needs to be structurally sound in order to bolster and carry the weight of tools or equipment that you will be hoisting on top of it. Be mindful that it isn’t just weight that will be an issue to contest with for your car, but the wind too. So, how you use your car and what for is something you need to decide straight away before making any changes. Some other changes that you might not have thought of that can affect the handling of the vehicle also need to be addressed.



Weight bearing feasibility

Firstly, can your vehicle withstand the weight that you want to put on it? Check the structural tolerances are for your vehicle and then work your way to those specifics. The equipment itself that will help you put things safely and securely on top of your vehicle such as the rhino roof racks, will need to be calculated into the weight. These racks are a 3 bar, and have a fuel efficient design which is great for long haul trips. They’re also good if they are placed on a higher vehicle such as a van. As aforementioned if you have a business such as in construction or interior decorating, these racks are great to hold ladders and other equipment. They are also 20g crash tested making them quite strong but just because the rack is strong doesn’t mean your chassis is, so do the proper checks.



Extended mirrors for rear view

The more things you tie to and put on your vehicle, the less and less you will be able to see behind you. Buying extended mirrors for your now vehicle will allow you to see what’s behind you. Vehicles that have ladders and large digging tools on the rack may be fine but if you have things that spill over such as tarps and sheets of some kind, then being able to see what’s coming up behind you is essential to your safety. As your vehicle may be weighed down it will become slower. Impatient drivers behind you might try to overtake you and since your vision is hindered or not enhanced as it should be, you might not see them coming. Extended mirrors will keep you from having a nasty surprise on the motorway.


Credit: https://www.motoringresearch.com/car-news-list/land-rover-defender-v8-works/

A simple conversion of wide view mirrors that are on extended stalks will give you an additional vision picture of what is around and behind you. The rack itself can support heavy equipment but make sure your chassis is able to support the additional weight. The racks will need to be calculated into the overall weight you put on your vehicle so buy them light and strong.


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