October 16, 2019

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The Subaru Impreza and Crosstrek are basically twins at heart. Just not identical ones.  

Like any close relations, there are lots of similarities between them – but plenty of differences too. 


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What makes Subaru a great choice?

Subaru models lead the market for value and reliability – and they’re a great choice if you want a car that offers versatile space.  Without breaking the bank. They also have the best resale value of any vehicles – which means they’re a good, sound investment.

How are the Impreza and Crosstrek similar?

The two vehicles are twins under the surface, as we said – with the same platform, engine and all wheel drive system. And there’s virtually no difference in their features or technology.  The Impreza was completely redesigned in 2017 and the Crosstrek in 2018 – so they’re both up to speed in terms of tech. 

They’re efficient and comfortable – with lots of leg room and both offer models with plenty of cargo space.  The Impreza is available in various models, including a sedan, where the Crosstrek only comes as a hatchback/crossover.


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So, now we’ve looked at the similarities between the two  – let’s take each in turn to see how they differ. And which would suit you best.


The Impreza is basically a conventional passenger car – albeit one that’s endowed with an impressive all wheel drive system.  The sedan is super stylish, while the hatchback is really versatile – with up to 55.3 cubic feet of cargo space.  

Power and performance

And you can cast aside any prejudices you might have about the power of its predecessors – because it’s had a complete overhaul.  It’s now got an enviable 2.0 litre four cylinder engine and, if you’re already a fan of a Subaru – you’ll love the five speed manual transmission. 

You can also get coilovers for the Subaru Impreza, which have a significant impact on the car’s performance.  And the sedan can achieve an enviable average of 32 miles per gallon – which is great for a gas powered car with all wheel drive.

Safe and spacious

The Impreza is also bigger and more spacious inside than it was in the past. And it has a more rigid body and lowered ride height – which makes it a much better drive.


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It achieves great safety scores, all models have really comfortable seats and, overall, the Impreza is ideal for everyday driving.


The Crosstrek is basically the Impreza – but beefed up to be more of a rugged beauty, which is never a bad thing!  This comes in the form of additional body cladding, 8.7 inches of ground clearance and unique wheels.

It’s great off road 

This compact SUV is definitely not afraid to take passengers on an off road adventure – as long as things don’t get too wild.  And its chunky, high-riding body is enough to appeal to adventurous types – just on looks alone!

It offers all the capability that most buyers need; it’s comfortable too – and would be great for both young couples and families.,

Super efficient

It averages around 29 mpg, which is slightly less than the Impreza but still super efficient. – particularly considering how much larger and heavier it is.


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Up to speed with tech

It’s got a well built interior, drives smoothly and includes a really user friendly infotainment system.The newest models are not at all shabby when it comes to tech, in general – offering both a WiFi hotspot and HD radio.. 

The newest models have increased leg room and additional horse-power – the only downside is, for the price, there may be a few more powerful options on the market.

New hybrid model available for 2019

There’s even a plug in hybrid model available now – that offers up to 17 miles of electric only driving – before the gasoline engine starts. This is a very welcome addition for anyone who’s concerned about efficiency – and the environment.

Who is the winner?

So which of the Subaru twins would be your first choice?  They both have so many great features in common – it’s quite difficult to rank them.

But our overall verdict is the Impreza holds an edge, particularly in terms of efficiency – because it’s lighter. And the hatchback can carry as much as the Crosstrek, so you don’t lose out in terms of cargo space.

The Crosstrek can go to lots of places the Impreza can’t – but for daily driving the Impreza wins out.


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