September 26, 2021

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So you think you’re a pretty confident driver. The everyday driving is getting boring and long stretches of tarmac just aren’t scratching that itch. When the roads are icy you can stay firmly in control, and you’ve conquered every hurdle Mother Nature has thrown at you so far. You might just be ready to go off-road? Below are three great reasons to get out into the wilderness, unleash your inner daredevil, and take a drive on the wild side.


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1 – It’s a challenge

There’s nothing like testing your skills as a driver and taking on the challenges of nature as you venture off road and into the unknown. What you’ll encounter depends entirely on your chosen terrain. You could be up against rocky streams, sharp inclines, mud, dunes, and forests. It’s important to know what kind of adventures you’re planning when choosing a vehicle. This guide might seem pretty technical, but finding a car that’ll keep you safe – from both the elements and the obstacles you’ll be navigating – is a must. While a lot of sites that you go to have cars and ATVs available for hire, it’s worth checking out the Latest Land Rover offers so you can not only get a great deal, but also get some help and advice if you’re a first time buyer.


2 – You can see some truly beautiful places

Most places are pretty accessible these days, but with your own vehicle, the sky’s the limit. You can take in some stunning landscapes at your own pace and under your own steam. Some of the best off-roading sites include Death Valley, California, where you can roar through canyons on over 1,000 miles of dirt and paved roads and visit sites of interest like the infamous Manson Ranch, where Charles Manson started his cult. There’s also awesome off-roading to be done in Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho. You’ll be surrounded by stunning landscapes and wildlife as you venture along the miles and miles of single-track dirt roads. Once you get more daring, Strata Florida in Wales, UK, is renowned for its seven epic river crossings and named after the medieval monuments you’ll pass – this is not driving for the faint of heart!


3 – It’s exciting

Sure, for some of this your knuckles will turn white on the steering wheel and you’ll need to grit your teeth, but as long as you had a good vehicle beneath you and read up on some techniques before you hit the dirt, there’s no reason you won’t be off-roading like a pro in no time at all. If the thought of coughing up for a four-wheeler makes you feel sicker than a tyre blowing halfway up a mountain, think about getting a used car – once you know what to look out for, you’ll be sure to find a great deal after some hunting.


If this hasn’t inspired you to step away from the tarmac and muddy those wheels, then nothing will! So go on, take a step into the unknown and give off-roading a go.


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