January 25, 2021

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Buying a new car – whether it’s brand new or a used one but new to you – is exciting! There are online searches for the perfect model and color to be had, and you know it’s time to check out dealerships when you land on the right one. Buying a new car comes hand in hand with specific perks, like the Ford Privilege scheme. But a new car isn’t always necessarily the best option for everyone. Used can sometimes be a viable option too!


The thing is, there is a lot to remember when it comes to buying a used car. It’s not always the same as buying a new car, and you’ll have checks to do to make sure that it’s safe to drive and not stolen. Below, we’ve got a list of things that you should remember when you go ahead and buy a used vehicle.


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Learn the details of the car by asking the sellers at Davies Car Sales to give you the registration number, model, and make of the vehicle that you are looking at. It would help if you also were allowed the vehicle tax information as well as the MOT test number from the last inspection. These are all necessities that you need, as then you can see whether or not the car has outstanding finance latched onto it.


Vehicle identity checks are also a necessity, and you can learn whether your car has a marker on its vehicle record. This will tell you whether the vehicle has previously been written off, or whether it’s been stolen. You need to know this before you buy from a private seller more than if you choose to go to a dealership, as they will have done all of those checks themselves, too.


If you are buying a used car from a private seller, make sure that you check the registration certificate you are given. The V5C needs to be held up to the light, and you can check whether the DVLA watermark is present. If it is, then it’s the original document and everything you need to make sure that your potential car is a legitimate one!


When you buy a new car, please take it to get serviced. Yes, you may have been given a recent MOT certificate, but you can often find that these are forged to make it look like the car is safe to drive. So, don’t wait around. Get your vehicle in for a service with a suitable garage and let them take a look. This can end up saving you so much money in parts when you do this, as you will be paying out for a checkup, and not the exhaust pipe when it falls off after a week.


Now you’ve bought your vehicle, have you checked the vehicle tax? It would help if you made sure that the car has had tax paid on it. It’ll ensure that you are on the road legally, and if the previous seller had any full tax months on the car when it was handed over, they would get a refund.


Enjoy your purchase! Once you know that the car is safe and legal to drive, you can enjoy your new vehicle on the road!


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