December 9, 2021

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Today myself, The Car Spotter, will be giving you a teaser of what my new car is.


After returning back from America and Australia over the summer, my main priority was to order a new car.


The car was built from scratch in Germany with various options and extras added on.


It was ordered back in September earlier this year and I was ecstatic to take delivery just before Christmas on the 16th December, exactly two weeks ago today. The total duration from ordering to delivery took 11 weeks.


Once I have done some mileage in various conditions, I will write a full review on my new vehicle.


For now, I am enjoying the new car smell.


I have included some pictures below to see if anyone can guess what The Car Spotter’s new car is


Some hints:

  • It is a Mercedes-Benz
  • It is brand new, arriving with just delivery miles
  • It has the optional Cosmos Black metallic paint
  • It seats 5


IMG_5671 IMG_5764 IMG_5763 IMG_5762 IMG_5761 IMG_5760 IMG_5759 IMG_5758 IMG_5757 IMG_5756 IMG_5749 IMG_5679 IMG_5678 IMG_5677


I hope you enjoy my updates.


What do you think The Car Spotter’s new car is?


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Mercedes Benz

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