September 24, 2019

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Today The Car Spotter brings you tips on how to prepare yourself and your car for the wintry months.  The AA averages 1,000+ callouts per hour during winter months, many of which could have been avoided. With winter fast approaching, it is the perfect time to ensure your car is well maintained and prepared for all conditions. Unpredictable winters in the last few years in Britain mean it is important you are prepared for travelling during winter. Preparation is key, following a few easy tips will boost your chances of successful travel during the winter months:


Winter Maintenance Article

8 Items for your car

  1. Sunglasses – for the dazzling low winter sun
  2. Ice scraper
  3. De-icer
  4. Car phone charger
  5. Food and water supplies – for particularly long journeys
  6. Blanket
  7. Reflective warning sign and a high-visibility jacket
  8. Shovel – once it has snowed or is forecasted


13 basic maintenance tips

In no particular order:

  1. A good bodywork clean before winter arrives will work wonders – spending extra time applying wax to your panels will help protect paintwork
  2. Ensure air conditioning is working efficiently for de-misting windscreen
  3. Check screen wash and top up if required – including additives to prevent freezing
  4. Inspect wiper blades for splits or damage – squeaking may be a sign something isn’t right
  5. Ensure your car has been serviced recently so the engine is performing at its optimum
  6. Inspect tyre tread – the recommended minimum is 3mm and certainly no less than the legal 1.6mm
  7. Regularly check tyre pressure throughout winter – make sure they are set to the manufacturers recommended levels
  8. Lift the bonnet and clear leaves and debris from drain holes below windscreen
  9. Check car battery is in good condition – no dirt on terminals or splits in wires
  10. Make sure all the bulbs in your lights are working
  11. Check brake pads have a good amount left that will last throughout winter
  12. Ensure antifreeze is present in the engine cooling system to prevent the water freezing, most new cars will already have antifreeze in the coolant system.
  13. Winter tyres aren’t a necessity in the UK but they will aid grip and performance in winter and can be useful in wet and cold conditions as well as snow and ice


6 things before setting off on your journey

  1. Wear warm waterproof clothes and appropriate footwear
  2. Ensure your phone is fully charged in addition to having a car charger – it could be a life saver
  3. Preparation is key, plan your route and allow extra time for weather conditions – choose main roads that are more likely to be gritted and well maintained
  4. Clear windscreen and windows – allow about 10 minutes to de-ice all windows before setting off
  5. Don’t be tempted to cut corners and de-ice a small patch on the windscreen in front of the driver
  6. Check you have plenty of fuel for the journey you will be making – running out is never fun

Happy motoring during the winter months

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