July 11, 2020

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Today The Car Spotter brings you the latest James Bond car, the Aston Martin DB10. The information announced is limited so the article does not contain many technical specification figures.

Yesterday morning in Gaydon at the Aston Martin headquarters, alongside EON productions who are the producers of the James Bond film franchise, Aston Martin unveiled the new Bond car. The Aston Martin DB10.

16a DB10

British supercar maker Aston Martin have confirmed that James Bond, played by actor Daniel Craig will again be driving an Aston Martin in the upcoming film Spectre, due for release on the 6th November 2015.

The car comes in the same 50th anniversary year of a 50-year relationship between Aston Martin and the Bond franchise. James Bond being so well known and loved behind the wheel of an Aston Martin.

So far, Aston have indicated the production figures will be strictly limited to 10 of the bespoke sports cars. Aston Martin have also stated that it doesn’t expect the 10 cars to find their way to private hands and that it fully expects them all to be destroyed by the Bond stunt-driving team. I for one hope at least one will survive and be passed into private hands, so it can be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

There is currently no technical information surrounding the car, however I’m sure it will be released in due course.

The car still maintains the beauty and elegance that Aston Martin is so well known for, but with sharper, redefined lines. The car has a much more futuristic look than its predecessors and I’m sure the Bond version won’t disappoint, being packed full of gadgets and gizmos.

16b 16c


Aston Martin DB10

0-60mph: N/A

Top Speed: N/A

Bhp: N/A

Torque: N/A

Engine: N/A

Transmission: N/A

Weight: N/A

Price: N/A


What are your thoughts on the Aston Martin DB10? Do you have a favourite Bond Aston Martin?

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