October 20, 2020

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Nowadays with both domestic and international travel being easier than they’ve ever been, we’re almost spoiled for choice on where to go and how to get there – yet for most people the initial reaction is to fly somewhere when traveling.


Whilst this is sometimes the only option and it always depends on where you’re going, but there are definitely a lot of good reasons to just take a road trip instead.


Aside from the reasons we’re going to list below, one of the best things about taking a road trip instead of flying is that you don’t even need to have your own car. You can rent one if needed, and can even rent things like RVs and camper vans if you want to make a bigger trip out of it.


The only thing you really have to take into consideration when renting a car is if you’re allowed to cross state or country borders since not all rental companies allow this, and often it’s better to go with a bigger company such as Budget or Avis for this reason since they have international offices and drop off points.


You also have to make sure you have the correct paperwork such as insurance and that you can have access to repairs at somewhere like Land Rover Service & Repairs if needed, but these are things you’re going to need even with your own car.

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It’s less stressful:

If you’ve spent any amount of time in an airport or even on a plane recently, you’ll know that it’s not exactly the most enjoyable experience. From standing in crowded lines that seem to go on forever, to being crammed into tiny seats that someone may or may not be kicking the back of. Taking the car is going to be much less stressful since you won’t have to worry about missing flights or anything like that and you can completely go on your own schedule.


It’s cheaper:

Although the cost of running a car isn’t the cheapest thing in the world and flight ticket costs are certainly a lot more affordable than they used to be, the ticket prices can fast mount up depending on the destination and the amount of tickets you need to buy as well as the time of year you’re planning to go.


You can make it part of the trip:

One of the best things about traveling by car is that you can actually turn it into a mini vacation and make it part of the overall trip, which definitely means that you will be able to enjoy the trip a lot more since you’ll also be able to break it up.


You can see some amazing places:

Another great thing about going by car is that it’s certainly more scenic than going by plane. Of course a plane is quicker, but you’ll be able to see a lot more places when traveling by car that you may have wanted to visit before, but never had the chance to see, so traveling by car can allow you to see those places.


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