April 13, 2021

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The Car Spotter drives 2015 Volkswagen Polo Se Bluemotion

Today myself, The Car Spotter, had the honour of driving my first 15 registration plate car since the new registration plate came out at the beginning of March. It was given to me by a local VW dealership for the day.   Having less than 100 miles on the clock, the little red VW Polo […]

Car Review

The Italian Job Lamborghini Miura found after 46 years now worth £1m

Today The Car Spotter will be discussing the recently discovered Lamborghini Miura supercar from The Italian Job film that was found after 46 years and is now owned by two British businessmen and is estimated to be worth more than £1m. The Lamborghini Miura was made famous from the opening scene of the Italian Job, […]

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The Car Spotter Featured in Top 25 Supercar Blogs

Today The Car Spotter is excited to announce news of being featured in Tilsun Group’s “25 blogs every supercar enthusiast must read”.   You can read the full blog review here on Tilsun Group’s website.     I was delighted to be amongst big names such as The Supercar Kids, The Supercar Blog, GTSpirit and […]

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£50,000 Swarovski Crystal T-Cut tin for 60th Diamond Anniversary

People have been known to go to huge lengths and cost to ensure their cars are well maintained and looked after. This year, British company T-Cut have marked their 60th anniversary with the creation of a dazzling £50,000 Swarovski Crystal-encrusted T-Cut tin. The sparkling tin has 26,000 individual diamonds and took a total of 75 […]

Car Maintenance , Product Review

Ferrari Sergio Concept Car in London

Unexpectedly whilst walking away from Hyde Park and in the direction of Kensington in London towards the end of summer, I stumbled across the ultra rare Ferrari Sergio Concept at the H.R. Owen Ferrari showroom. I shot over the road to take some pictures and to get a better look at the rare Ferrari. The […]

Car Review , London

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