June 6, 2020

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As it is the 30th blog article by myself -The Car Spotter, I thought I would write about a particularly unique car from 2014.

Some people will modify their cars with unique paintworks, change the alloys or tweak the engine.

The owner of a Mercedes CLS 350 took car customisation to the next level, Daria Radionova, a Russian business student spent £20,000 adding one million Swarovski crystals to her £55,000 Mercedes CLS. The car was situated in Knightsbridge, near the owners Penthouse home.

Front/side of the Swarovski covered Mercedes CLS

Front/side of the Swarovski covered Mercedes CLS,gleaming in the night

Rear/side of the Swarovski covered Mercedes CLS

Rear/side of the Swarovski covered Mercedes CLS

The car received a mixed reception, some people labelling it ‘Britain’s most vulgar car’. Every panel of the bodywork is studded with the Swarovski crystals. The student, aged 21 said she wanted something unique and is glad so many people admire her car.

It is reported that a team from Russia came over to modify the vehicle and worked on it for 12 hours a day for two months.

The CLS was reportedly an early 21st birthday gift, the registration BA11 BBY an added bonus from her brother to ensure the car stands out further.

Rear of the Swarovski covered Mercedes CLS

Rear of the Swarovski covered Mercedes CLS

Daria Radionova explained that “it’s quite scary to leave it in the street, people try to take the crystals, every time  come back I have to check if any have gone’.

From the outset, Daria Radionova said that when she is ready to sell the car, all proceeds will go to charity. On the 16th October, the car sold for a staggering £154,600 on online auction site eBay after more than 24 bids. Charities supported through the sale included Manchester and Moldova Dog Homes. Car experts have outlined the car is only worth £25,000 due to mileage and depreciation.

A problem with the eBay auction site is people can often place bids and not pay the final amount. Hopefully the buyer paid as part of the sale was supporting charitable organisations.

It is easy to see why the car receives mixed receptions. The car is an example of the endless boundaries of car modification and in that respect it can be appreciated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it will be impressive to some. At the same time the car will appear vulgar and unnecessary to others, especially Mercedes purists who feel customising a £55,000 luxury car is obscene.

The car certainly stands out, which was the initial objective.



Swarovski encrusted Mercedes CLS 350

0-60mph: 5.8 seconds

Top Speed: 155mph limited (250km/h)

Bhp: 302

Torque: 370 Nm (273ft-lb)

Engine: 3.0L V6

Transmission: 7 speed automatic, RWD

Weight: 1660kg

Price: £25,000-£154,600


What are your thoughts? Do you like the Swarovski crystal studded Mercedes CLS 350? How much would you pay for the car?

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