September 19, 2019

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Today The Car Spotter will be discussing the Orange Toyota Supra from the first Fast and Furious films that has recently gone up for sale. The stunt car was driven by the late Paul Walker during scenes in the film and will go under the hammer the week starting May 12th.


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You can view full details and specification of the Toyota Supra on Mecum Auctions website here.


The orange Toyota Supra with 2JZE engine and custom body kit is well known throughout the car world. The Supra driven by Paul Walker still comes with the original decals, full roll cage, heavy duty suspension, competition seats and strengthened fuel tank. It is one of 58 stunt cars built by Eddie Paul.


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This exact car was used in the final scene where Paul Walker jumps in front of a train at a railroad crossing. He then gives it to Vin Diesel as the 10 second car that he owes him. The huge rear wing, alloy wheels, Yokohoma tyres, performance steering wheel, large exhaust and dashboard are some more of the features included. Unfortunately the NOS is disconnected.


Watch the final scene featuring the modified Toyota Supra here:



Surprisingly, this particular Supra does not have the turbo and produces 220bhp. The 3.0litre inline-six engine is connected to a 5-speed manual transmission.


The 1993 Fast and Furious Toyota Supra has an estimated value of $150,000- $200,000. Still considerably cheaper than the Fast and Furious GT-R that had an estimated price between $1m and $6m.


It seems that a lot of the vehicles used in the Fast and Furious film franchise are going up for sale, perhaps the sellers are using Paul Walkers recent death to attempt to achieve the maximum amount for the vehicles, hence the premium price for the Toyota Supra. For Fast and Furious fans it would be better if these cars could be preserved in a museum or similar but at least one lucky fan will end up owning the vehicle.


What are your thoughts on the Orange Fast and Furious Toyota Supra? Would you like to own the modified Toyota Supra that Paul Walker once drove?

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