March 4, 2021

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Today I will be sharing with you a brilliant new classic car share platform called OldenCars.


OldenCars is the Airbnb of the classic car market, connecting enthusiasts to give owners a secure way to earn money from their classic and drivers a commitment-free way to experience them.


You can view their pre-launch site here


OldenCars offers classic car owners a great, hassle free way to make money from their classic vehicles that may otherwise be sitting in the garage gathering dust and not being used to their full potential.

For classic car owners it’s a great time to get involved to enjoy founder status, with commission free listings and rentals for life when OldenCars begins Crowdfunding on 28th November here ahead of the Spring 2019 launch.


Today enthusiasts really have one option to drive a classic: buy one.


There are less than 200 classics available for rent; all for considerable sums usually for most in inconvenient locations.


If you can’t afford to buy, maintain, and store a classic, you’ll likely never drive one.


You may be aware of businesses like Easy Car Club and Hiyacar that allow car owners to share (hire out) their everyday cars to people who’d normally go to Hertz, etc. What OldenCars offers is almost identical, but for classic owners and drivers.


OldenCars changes that by providing an advertising platform, insurance, breakdown coverage, and payment processing, to easily allow classic car owners to earn money, get their classics used more, and meet fellow enthusiasts.


They realise a large percentage of classics would be unsuitable: too valuable (>£40k), too delicate, too cherished, etc, but there are many every day, practical classics around.


For people who want to drive a classic, they provide easy and secure access to a wide choice of classic cars, with the convenience of local locations and friendly service. Unlike traditional hire car companies, you get the exact car you book, not an equivalent model in the same car group.


Whether you need a car for a special occasion or just to get from A to B, Olden Cars connects you with classic car owners who want to share their passion


For classic owners they provide a secure way to earn money from their car and meet fellow classic enthusiasts, keeping their cars on the road, not stuck in the garage. They provide the platform, marketing, bespoke peer to peer car sharing insurance, payment gateway and support between car owner and car renter.

Advantages for owners:

  • •Earn from your classic when it’s idle and get it out on the road more .Recent research from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs indicated that 27% of historic vehicles don’t get used at all.


  • •OldenCars do this securely, offering the platform, insurance, payment processing and marketing and a member review system. They also check the identity and driving records of all drivers before they can take a car out.


  • •Stay in full control of your car at all times. You decide which hire requests to accept from drivers.


  • •It’s not uncommon for classics owners to ‘work around’ problems with their car, putting off fixing small issues until there’s quite a laundry list of problems to get sorted. By earning money from hiring it out to other classics enthusiasts, earn the cash to get these little issues fixed and the incentive to do so. It’s easier to hire out their car the better it’s running and the owner will get more pleasure from it in a better condition.


  • •OldenCars offer classic car dealers a secure way to offer ’try before you buy’ programmes to their customers, instead of the limited test drives available today.


  • •Meet fellow enthusiasts who will love to talk about their car



Advantages for drivers:

  • •OldenCars offer a commitment-free way for enthusiasts to experience classics. Even if an enthusiast can afford to buy a classic, as most are second cars they still have to find the time and money to maintain and store it.


  • •Most classic car rental opportunities today are for a limited number of (usually) very high-end cars. OldenCars want to get practical, everyday classics – the cars that SHOULD be driven – back on the road


  • •Drive an unlimited and varied number of different car makes and models (classic owners can also sign up as drivers on our platform and hire out other cars).


  • •The chance to try a classic for size before making the leap into classic ownership.


  • •Learn about buying and caring for a classic from experienced owners, making contacts and friends.




Sign up to updates today and show your interest in the most promising classic car sharing platform release in modern times.



What do you think of OldenCars? Are you looking to make money from your classic car?


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