July 23, 2019

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Today, The Car Spotter will be talking about the Nimrod Avanti Rosso Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 that was at the recent Top Marques Monaco 2015 car show.


View The Car Spotter’s article about the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV unveiled at Geneva here.


Top Marques Monaco is an annual supercar show in Monaco that combines supercar stands, tuning companies, watches and speedboats. It is definitely a luxury event and is titled, ‘the most exclusive supercar show in the world.’ This year was the 12th annual show.


There were plenty of supercars and vehicles on show, which you can view on the official Top Marques Monaco website here.


One car that stood out to me was the Nimrod Avanti Rosso.


The Top Marques Monaco 2015 event

The Top Marques Monaco 2015 event

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In Nimrod’s own words,


‘Nimrod Luxury Tuning Performance Cars are all created not manufactured to fulfill the dreams of the future owners. Our team is working hard to create the most unique cars for our customers we focus on every detail to achieve perfection, exclusivity and uncompromised style.

We at the Nimrod Luxury Tuning Performance Cars have one goal in mind to create the most exclusive experience. FOR YOU!’



Based on the Lamborghini Aventador, Nimrod have customised most panels of the Aventador including two orange highlights against either matte grey body finish or black and white paint. In addition to the customised wheels, spoiler, front bumper canards and Sesto Elemento style engine cover panel, the Avanti Rosso features a remodelled interior.


The description of the Avanti Rosso on the website reads,


‘In Tuscany, life is easy and quiet. Then again, it is full of curves that give you the maximum of driving pleasure between the peaceful olive and wine yards. Right there, Avanti Rosso feels at home. Just ignite the engine and enjoy driving.

The Aventador is a very aggressive looking car, no doubt. But take a closer look at our interpretation. Tell people to look at the front – on street – they will only see the back.

Tuscany is the home of art as well. We strive to express the Avanti Rosso’s extreme sportiness with the perfect proportions and details.

Our car has the most precious racing pedigree that gives you the thrilling energy to rule the streets. Drive! If you dare…

  1. Engine type: V12 – 60˚
  2. Total displacement: 6498 cc
  3. Maximum power: 740 HP @ 9000 rpm
  4. Maximum torque: 690 NM (507 lbft) @ 6000 rpm
  5. Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 2.9 sec
  6. Gearbox: Dual-clutch, 7 speed ISR’


There is no mention of price from the Hungarian tuning company and with a standard Lamborghini Aventador costing upwards of £260,000, the price is sure to be significantly higher than this. You can view the Nimrod website here.


The orange detailing and extreme bodywork certainly makes the car stand out but I can’t see the Avanti Rosso being to everyone’s taste. Should a tuning company ever mess with a Lamborghini masterpiece?


You can watch a video of the Nimrod Avanti Rosso below:



What are your thoughts on the  Nimrod Avanti Rosso? Do you think it looks better than the standard Lamborghini Aventador?

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