September 22, 2020

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The freedom and opportunities that driving can potentially bring someone are endless. You’ll remember the days in your first car, being able to get to work with ease (traffic aside), popping to see, and pick-up, friends, and road trips when the weather is kind. Therefore, if you’ve got a teenager of driving age, you’ll want the same positivity to surrounding their experiences on the road, as you enjoyed. However, it’s no secret that the roads have changed over the years somewhat, meaning that your worry surrounding them driving, will be high. As a caring parent, you’re bound to worry; but, now is the time to do what you can to ensure that your teen becomes a safe a responsible new driver.


There are plenty of ways you can help, along with their driving instructor, as, even when they’ve passed their test; their road education has only really just begun. So, it’s crucial to their successful life on the road ahead, to ensure that they have and do all they need to keep honing their skills. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for parents who want their teenager’s transition onto the open road, and solo driving, to be as safe and positive as possible.


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The Car They Learn In

Your teen is likely to have learnt in one car, with their driving instructor, and potentially, had extra lessons with you in the family car. Therefore, they’ll be used to a certain type of vehicle; size, speed, and model, all play a part in how they end-up handling a car on the road. So, if you’re planning to buy, or help your teen to purchase a car; you might want to consider something similar, if not the same, as the car in which they have the most experience. Check out sites like so that you can both get an idea of prices, insurance, and how they fund and fuel their vehicle. Remember that car maintenance and the cost of running it, is a valuable lesson your teen will need to learn, outside of their traditional lessons and passing their test. A used car is a great option for first-time drivers; it alleviates some of the pressure of driving, and, a relaxed driver, is often the most safe on the road.


Learning To Let Them Go

Obviously, you’ll be worried and nervous when your teen, and new driver, heads out on the road alone for the first time. However, you don’t want to transfer this worry over to them; this will only make them hesitant on the road, and all those lessons may have been a waste of money. Therefore, it’s crucial that you give them the confidence to get out there alone; send them on short, local trips at first, maybe to grab something from the shops, or go and fill-up the fuel. This will ensure that they feel trusted behind the wheel, and they’ll be practising, and honing their skills, without even realising. Ask for a lift to places every now and again, you’ll be able to praise their progress; however, don’t become a backseat driver, as again, it will only increase their nerves on the road.


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