February 27, 2020

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In March of this year, I took a trip to the Knutsford McLaren garage in Cheshire. The showroom opened in April 2012.

I was hoping to strike lucky and see a McLaren P1, however I had no such luck.

The interior showroom is relatively small and didn’t house any production cars, however they had not one but three McLaren 650S coupes in stock to the rear of the showroom. The McLaren is named the 650S because of the power output being 650PS (641bhp).

9a McLaren 650S



The colours of the three McLaren 650S were orange, white and dark blue. My preferred colour of the three was the orange McLaren.

Sitting above the McLaren MP4-12C in the McLaren range, the 650S is certainly a striking car. The car retains a similar body shape to the MP4-12C with the same hood, license plate area, mirrors and cabin. Subtle changes include the body kit, P1 inspired headlamps, side indicators and one large side air intake instead of a split unit found on the MP4-12C.

Performance is increased from the MP4-12C from 617bhp to 641bhp, meaning the 650s will perform the 0-60mph sprint in 3.0 seconds as opposed to 3.2 seconds delivered by the MP4-12C. The 0-100mph time drops from 6.2 seconds by the MP4-12C to 5.7 seconds. The 650S will cost around £20,000 more than the MP4-12C at £195,000.

The 650S will be a direct rival to the Ferrari 458, which also comes in coupe and spider form and the Lamborghini Huracan; amongst other supercars.

Optional extras include carbon fibre sports seats which costs a hefty £5,000 and reduce the weight of the already lightweight 1300kg car by a further 15kg.



McLaren 650S Coupe

0-60mph: 3 seconds

Top Speed: 204mph (limited) (328km/h)

Bhp: 641bhp

Torque: 678 Nm

Engine: Twin-Turbo 3.8 Litre V8

Transmission: 7-Speed RWD

Weight: 1330kg

Price: £195,000+

9b McLaren 650S

What do you think of the article? Would you pay the extra money for the 650S? Which colour would you choose of the three pictured?

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