June 6, 2020

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What is the best friend of any road user? Money, in order to fund the best driving experiences and easy car repairs? Perhaps. Time, to enjoy leisurely driving at our own pace? Maybe. Or is it patience, that fantastic virtue that can help us leave better, healthier and calmer lives? When it comes to the road, we would say yes.


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Learning to be patient as a new road user can be a tremendously important process. It can also help you get the best start in your driving career when setting up how, what and when you will drive. Additionally, it can save you quite a bit of financial pain, as those who dive into purchasing a vehicle or failing to stay informed can, unfortunately, make quite costly errors. In the following post, we hope to espouse the benefits of staying patient as someone who has just passed their final driving exam, as this can provide them with the reflective caution that can help punctuate any healthy road career.


Consider the following:


Defensive Driving

It’s important to drive defensively and to be patient to witness road situations as they develop. The thing that many mistakes about patience is that it’s slow and dull, but on the road it can be a great strength, a coiled serpent ready to maneuver out of danger or to prevent an accident from occurring. Patient driving is being able to take an alternate route due to a reckless driver in front of you, being able to stay under the speed limit despite the person tailgating you from behind and to never try and run a red light, which of course, can get you into legal and financial trouble. Defensive driving is a cardinal rule of the road, and your willingness to adhere to this at all times will set an example for others to follow.


Investing In The Best Vehicle

As a new road user, it can be very tempting to purchase the first thing with four wheels that will help you secure your independence. Of course, this is not the healthiest route you could take. Learning to be patient as someone new to driving means ensuring you wait for the best car deal, but most importantly, that you are able to search for the safest, most economical car possible. With services such as OVMs, you’re sure to find a used car at the adequate technical specification for you, but moreover, at a great financial deal.


Planning Your Routes

We often hear that ‘planning our routes’ is an essential part of any journey, but many of us forgo doing this. Surely driving to work is an easy task, but what if you wish to explore, or you’re driving to a new city for the first time? Doing your best to learn the route ahead of time can be worthwhile, and can stop you blindly relying on your GPS assistant to get you places. It can also help you pivot if experiencing a difficult road situation. It might take twenty minutes to plan this route (a patient skill), but you’ll be safer thanks to your efforts.


With this advice, it’s certain that you’ll operate patiently as a new road user.


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