October 20, 2021

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Car maintenance is essential for anyone who wants a long duration of service from their machine. Keeping a car involves many things such as cleaning, services, and driving cautiously. To maintain a vehicle properly, it is crucial to be aware of all the vehicle parts and the maintenance routine for each. For example, a car’s engine requires frequent maintenance, at least twice a year, depending on the car’s use.


If you’ve recently had driving lessons in Stockport, or wherever you may live, and finally passed your test, it can be quite overwhelming when having to think about car maintenance. It can be stressful enough having to buy a car, tax it and insure it without having to think of maintenance too. However, this guide will help you pinpoint the most important elements of car maintenance and what to look out for when you’re driving.


Personally, having a well-maintained car is essential in ensuring safety on the road. When my car is in good condition, I enjoy smooth trips. I do most of these, so maintenance for me is for more than just convenience- it also ensures safety and comfort. Maintaining a vehicle in good condition requires that I- and every other car owner, be always aware of the following.


Tire Pressure and Conditions

As a car owner, I have to always be alert to the standard tire pressure. Tyre pressures vary due to different tire sizes. For my car, I use 33 PSI. Most tire pressures range from 30 to 35 PSI. Before I embark on any trip, I have to physically assess the pressure condition of every tire. When the tire pressure is not at the required level, either too high or low, it can cause discomfort while driving because of imbalance. Worn out tires also need to be changed at the earliest opportunity. Using worn-out tires is risky and can cause accidents. Tires are an essential part of the vehicle and should be well maintained at all times.


Engine Servicing

The engine is a crucial part of a vehicle because it is responsible for moving the car. A well-maintained engine leads to an efficient vehicle. The engine is a broad thing that is difficult for every owner to understand. I rely on mechanics to help me comprehend intricate details of the car’s

engine. In modern vehicles, however, the check engine light and diagnostics can give any car owner an idea when it is not functioning right. Do not ignore engine warnings.


Man Fixing Vehicle Engine
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Improve Driving Habits

Driving habits play a huge role in maintaining a car’s condition. Some of the precautions to take include watching the speed and slowing down when approaching bumps. When driving on rough roads, I drive cautiously to prevent damages to the belly of my car. Excessively high speeds are not healthy for any vehicle. The faster a car goes, the more wear it will experience on different parts. Over time, the vehicle gets mechanically damaged.


Check the Engine Coolant Before Trips

Before starting my car, I have to check the engine coolant. This is something everyone can do without relying on a mechanic by checking the radiator. I ensure that the coolant is at the required levels so that the engine can work efficiently.

The risk of driving a car without enough coolant is a rise in the engine temperature, which will eventually cause it to stall. There is a temperature gauge on the dashboard that can help the driver know the engine condition. I am always on the lookout to see any leaks on the lower part of the vehicle.


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Checking the Battery Frequently

For a car to be in full performance mode, the battery has to be good. A dead battery will leave the driver stranded once the engine is off. I make it a norm to replace my car battery every five years, the standard life span of a quality battery. A functional battery gives the driver a comfortable ride enjoying things such as music that is battery powered.


Read the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual is a crucial document for any driver to read before using the vehicle. When I acquired my car, reading the manual was my top priority. It helped me to know my car better and how best to operate it. Information on the manual includes the recommended fuel to use with my car. To keep my car in good condition, I have always faithfully fueled it with unleaded petrol.


Rely on Reputable Mechanics When servicing my car, I rely on one trustworthy mechanic. Today, one will find many quacks in the market that may kill a vehicle by replacing working parts with worn-out ones. To ensure a car stays in good condition, find a reputable mechanic or garage. Whenever possible, always use garages that are recommended by the car’s manufacturer.


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