April 8, 2020

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It’s such an age-old debate now, but in the modern day, buying a car is more expensive, regardless of whether it’s new or used. As such, we’ve got to be far smarter with our money than ever before. But while purchasing a car is, in many ways, frustrating, especially if it’s never been on your radar before, is there anything we can do to make the process easier? Arguably, buying a new car is an easier option and you get to enjoy a flawless, shiny, brand new vehicle but is it worth buying brand new cars all of the time? It’s brand new vs used. Which will win?


Aren’t New Cars Just Going To Depreciate In Value Anyway?

With every year that goes by, the value will depreciate. But this is where you’ve got to pick the right car. Depending on the model, you could find yourself able to sidestep those pesky issues in depreciation. Particular supercars, rare models and classics will appreciate to more than their original worth with time. Nissan, and specifically, the family-oriented cars, like the Juke and Qashqai, have been able to fight old mother time, and don’t depreciate as much. So when it comes to selling the car, you can find that the battle with time isn’t that much of an issue.




The Financial Situation

If you are struggling with money, the answer is obvious, used cars will provide far superior value. Money up front is always a problem. Buying a used car gives you the financial control because you know exactly what you have to save in order to get this. And as such, it means you put more research into the car that is right for you. This means, as far as economy is concerned, you will research the maintenance issues, the fuel economy, and how much it costs to run generally. When we are buying our first car, we don’t give consideration to a lot of these things. As far as financing is concerned, you’ve got to make do with what you have in the bank. But as such, buying a used car means that you can still get good quality, not necessarily a banger.




The Safety Dilemmas

As newer cars come with ABS, Lane Assist, and all of the modern contraptions that make for an easy road experience, when you are looking to buy a used car, the age of the vehicle can mean that there’s a lot less in terms of these safety components. As far as safety on the road in terms of an older car is concerned, it’s down to the initiative of the driver. From here, we’ve got to ask the question, are newer drivers these days safer than drivers from 20 or 30 years ago? Everybody has their own opinion on this, but you would argue that because of the numerous distractions in the modern car, including mobile phones, that younger or newer drivers have a lot more to contend with. One of the big selling points of a newer car is that if you got involved in a crash, you would very likely emerge unscathed. As far as safety is concerned.




Is A New Car Better Across The Board?

If you look at the Euro NCAP safety ratings, the newer cars will always come up trumps, but modern cars are far more comprehensive in their safety. In this respect, it’s hardly a surprise that modern cars are safer. It’s a major selling point. But while the number of accidents are creeping up gradually on the road with every passing year, we’ve got to think about whether it’s the driver, and not the car that results in a lack of safety. If you’re looking to make money from your car, a new vehicle can prove to be an issue. Because you lose money, especially in the first couple of years in terms of depreciation this can result in you metaphorically throwing away a lot of money. Buying a used car means you’ve got a sense of heritage with the model you choose.





Is it worth buying brand new all the time? It depends completely on the user’s needs. But everybody has a different need from their car. Some want a family wagon that’s safe and reliable, others want a vehicle that’s swift and agile on the roads. Look to purchase the best vehicle that works for you and ticks as many boxes as possible. If you’d like to spend more because you enjoy having the latest car, great. If you are more restricted financially or are less bothered about driving a new car, go for the used market.


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