October 20, 2021

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Being a new driver can be nervy. For your first few trips on the road by yourself, you may feel overwhelmed and a bit intimidated. There are many ways to calm your nerves and make the concept of your first drive alone more comfortable. Follow this guide for a few tips on how to feel safer on the road as a new driver.


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Have A Digital Navigation System

Let’s say you are a new motorbike driver, you could try the BMW GPS Navigator 6, which is an ideal companion for any motorcycle trip. Or, install a navigation system in your car if it doesn’t come with one. A digital navigation system can take the stress out of driving. 


GPS devices also offer the peace of mind that you’ll never get lost, even when you’re in a new location, including remote areas. They can also help you find the nearest restaurants, shopping centers, rest areas, and other locations that might be considered off-the-beaten-path. There is less chance of getting lost and taking the wrong turn with a digital system telling you where to go.


Pack The Essentials In The Boot

Whether you are preparing for your first winter behind the wheel or your first long drive, you will want to make sure you have all of the essentials. A first aid kit, safety triangles, a repair kit, spare tire, food, water, and blankets are just a few essentials every car should have in the boot. 


Remove Distractions 

Concentration is crucial when in charge of your car, especially if you’re not yet completely confident. So, it’s wise for new drivers to turn the radio off, mute a phone, and do not drive with distracting people.  


When you are distracted it is easy to lose control of your car and have an accident. You will want to be as concentrated as possible to avoid incidents and build your confidence. It can be wise to only drive in clear conditions too, as rain can be very distracting if it is your first drive. 


Practice Alone

Speaking of removing distractions, it is good to practice alone. It’s strange to think that drivers who’ve just passed their test have never been behind the wheel alone before, so it’s alright to practice with a more experienced driver. 


But, it could be more beneficial to get some early practice in on your own. Consider taking your car for a spin when the roads are quiet, for no other purpose than practicing driving.


It may also be worth practicing driving in unfamiliar conditions. Getting to grips with driving at night and on motorways as soon as possible is important for inexperienced new motorists. For this, it’s probably better to take a more experienced driver with you until you’re fully confident.


Instead of feeling worried about driving as a new driver, use these tips to overcome your fear and boost your confidence. 

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