April 5, 2020

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There is nothing worse than getting a new car and noticing that something is a little different. Maybe it’s juddery as you’re driving. Maybe you’ve noticed that the tyres aren’t as firm as you hoped that they would be. Either way, cars are desgned and made by people, they’re not going to be perfect all the time unfortunately!


There are some issues with a car that are much less of problem than others. For example, you may not need to urgently get a power door lock issue sorted as quickly as you would a cracked alloy on your wheels. However, all issues are issues for a car, and you need to know the difference between the once that need your immediate attention and the ones that don’t. Let’s inspect four signs that your car needs you to sit up and take notice!


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Is smoke ever a good idea if it’s coming out of your car? No, no it is not! It may not seem like an issue if you notice a little smoke coming out of the bonnet of the car, but smoke is the first indiator that there is something bigger at play in your car. Here’s what is means:


  • White smoke. This indicates that there is engine coolant or antifreeze getting intot he combustion chamber and burning. If you have white smoke emerging from the gas pipe, get your cooling system checked. The car could have a leaky gasket!


  • Black smoke. Black smoke shows that there is too much fuel burning inefficiently. This isn’t a minor concern and you should get your car checked very quickly.


  • Blue smoke. Engine oil being burnt equals blue smoke puffing from the car. When it’s spilling from the exhaust pipe, the cylinder has oil that’s being heated and burned and it’s not good.


Smoke is never a good sign, book in with a mechanic ASAP if you notice it from your car.


Engine Running Rough

There are a lot of noises that come from a car, but if you’re hearing your car protest, you need to pay attention as it’s not going to go away on its own. Rough runs are known as engine misfire, and it’s something that doesn’t get better unless you get it fixed. You need a technician for this one!


Steering Difficulties

You don’t want to be on the motorway at high speed and feel your steering wheel turn out of control. Steering is one of the most important aspects of your car that you need to keep an eye on. If you can’t control your car, there’s a big problem! If you feel shakes, looseness or clunks during a turn, get yourself booked into the garage. One small internal failure can make your journey a precarious one.


Brakes Aren’t Working Correctly

Power brakes are designed to make braking easier now, but there are still vehicles on the road that do not have this technology. If you are using an older car, you will notice a problem wih the brakes pretty much straight away. It needs checking out because if you cannot stop properly, you’re going to run into a lot of trouble.


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