September 26, 2021

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Car Lambda Sensor

Car Lambda Sensor An important component of a car that most people are blissfully unaware of is the oxygen lambda sensor. The sensor is placed between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. In newer vehicles, there are 2 lambda sensors. The second sensor being located right behind the catalytic converter.   What is a […]

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How To Not Fail Your MOT

Partnered Post   How To Not Fail Your MOT An MOT test is required by law in the UK to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy. They happen once a year and it’s just a way of making sure your car is safe. However, no matter how well you look after your car, every […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Vehicle

Partnered Post When you are the proud owner of an automobile, you must take care of your vehicle so that it takes care of you. Thankfully, there are a few things that you both need to do as well as should do to keep things running smoothly.   Schedule An MOT Test If your vehicle […]

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How to Accessorize Your 4WD

Partnered Post   When you own a 4WD or 4-wheel drive vehicle, you have something special and something that will very much benefit from the accessories you can add to it. So, in this article, we shall look at the kinds of 4×4 accessories that are available to kit out your vehicle with. Many of […]

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5 Ways To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Car

Partnered Post With everyone’s pockets a little less full at the moment compared to this time last year, it makes sense to try and protect the financial assets you do have. One of which is your car, and if looked after properly, you could still make a decent return on your vehicle when it comes […]

Car Maintenance

How To Keep Your New Car In Good Shape

Partnered Post   One of the major reasons people choose to buy new cars is that they do not need repeated servicing, and at the moment, car sales are on the rise after the slump last year due to the economic impact of Covid-19. New cars do not need frequent repairs. This means that they can go […]

Car Maintenance

Keeping Your Car in Good Condition – Things You Need to Always Be Aware Of

Partnered Post Car maintenance is essential for anyone who wants a long duration of service from their machine. Keeping a car involves many things such as cleaning, services, and driving cautiously. To maintain a vehicle properly, it is crucial to be aware of all the vehicle parts and the maintenance routine for each. For example, […]

Car Maintenance

Preparing for Your First Winter Behind the Wheel

Partnered Post   If you learned to drive or bought your first car in the spring or summer, you might not have had any experience driving in winter weather. You might not have spent much time driving in the dark, as most of your journeys can easily be completed inside daylight hours in the summer […]

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5 Common Parts That Need Replacing in Used Cars

Partnered Post   When you buy a used car, no matter if you buy it from a private seller through a site such as autotrader or a shop, chances are that you’ll need to give it a little TLC before it’s up to the standard that you want. And whilst this is part and parcel […]

Car Maintenance

Increasing Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Partnered Post   The price of buying a car is one of the bigger outlays most of us will make, but the ticket price of the vehicle we buy is likely to be small potatoes compared with the cumulative expense of putting fuel in its tank over the years. Although prices at the pumps can […]

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