June 6, 2020

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Buying a motorbike is a big deal, but it needn’t replace your car or van. It can become an additional asset in your life. Whether it’s for work or weekend cruising, several benefits can be gained from adding a bike to your life. 


Here are just five of the rewarding elements that make it a wonderful investment at any stage of life. 


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1| Riding Is Cheaper Than Driving 

Riding a bike is significantly cheaper than driving due to petrol costs, insurance, and other costs. Try out this motorbike finance calculator and you’ll find that the initial outlay needn’t burn a hole in your pocket either. The financial savings gained are further supported by the fact that bikes do not depreciate in value at a rapid rate. From a financial perspective, this is an investment that can pay dividends for your long-term happiness.   


2| Riding Is Quicker Than Driving 

If you are planning to ride your bike to work, it could save you from getting caught in the rush hour traffic. Even if it saves you 30 minutes per journey, that’s a vast five hours of your week that are reclaimed. OK, so the truth is that you might spend a chunk of that time enjoying your hog.  Spending more time doing something that you love rather than extending your daily commute can only bring positives to your life. The need for speed should not be ignored for a second 


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3| It’s Easier To Find A Great Bike 

While most bike riders will have a car too, the bike will be the more enjoyable rider. That’s because you need to spend huge sums of cash to buy the best cars. Whether it’s a luxury saloon or a sporty supercar, buying the dream car is impossible for most. Therefore, you have to settle for less than the best. Treating yourself to a Harley, Suzuki, or another great bike brand is far more accessible. This is especially true when you are prepared to consider the used marketplace. 


4| Improve Your Health 

You might not consider the bike to be a major factor in maintaining your health, but it can bring big rewards. First and foremost, riding requires a great deal of concentration, which can boost brainpower. Meanwhile, your core strength and balance can see major rewards as a result. This is supported by increased leg strength. However, learning how riding can boost your mental health is perhaps the biggest surprise. It’s a strange phenomenon, but the results cannot be ignored. Riding is good for you. 


5| Scratch the itch 

The fact you’ve reached it this far down the page shows that you have a genuine interest in riding a bike. In truth, there are several signs that you are ready for a bike. If you tick those boxes while also liking the sound of those additional benefits mentioned above, getting a motorbike could be ideal. Sometimes in life, putting a smile on your face is the most important incentive of all. This is one of those occasions.  


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