July 3, 2020

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Preparing for your driving test takes hours of hard work and focus. From hitting the highway code book to study for and pass the theory. To putting your theory work to use on the roads in preparation for your practical test. But when you do pass your test, it will all be totally worth the stress and learning curve you’ve endured this far. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re prepared to take and pass your test with flying colours right now, here are a few signs to indicate that you might just be.


People Will Get In The Car With You

A good indication that you’re not a terrible driver is that responsible people will get in the car with you without hesitation! And so, if your dad gets in the passenger seat without thinking twice, this spells good things for your driving capabilities and should give you the reassurance that booking your test via the Find Me a Driving Test website may not be such a bad idea. But if your nan says she’d rather take the bus, it may be time to work on your driving skills a little more. After all, a car is basically a giant metal machine that you control, and that could cause real havoc on the roads. People want to feel safe with whoever they’re in the car with, if they do with you, you might be ready to pass.



You’re Not About The Speed

Maybe there is a bit of a speed devil inside you wondering what it would be like to put down your foot to the max, but your actions remain intact of what’s expected of you on the road. And that’s to watch your speed in consideration of everyone involved. Self-control and accountability show that you have some of what it takes to be a safe driver and pass your test without scaring the crap out of your driving test instructor.


You’re Cautious But Confident

You might be ready for your test, but not necessarily enough to pass without absolutely anything possibly happening. It takes years to master the ways of the road, and that can only come with experience. And so, although confidence is reasonable, cockiness isn’t. If you’re feeling you have what it takes to pass your test after you’ve put in some long hours driving safely and by the rules then great! But if you think you’re ready after just a few lessons, then you should probably push back shopping for your first car and booking your driving test for a good while.


Your Driving Instructor Says So

Who’s more qualified to tell you that you’ll pass your practical test than the person that’s teaching you to drive! Your driving instructor will have monitored everything you do when driving. They’ll know whether you’ve perfected your manoeuvres, you can tackle large roundabouts, and you follow the signs of the road with ease. If not, they’ll tell you what needs improving to get you test ready.


Whether you’re ready for your test or not should be a blend of what your driving instructor thinks and whether you genuinely feel ready. You shouldn’t feel hesitant to get in the car, to use the essential car’s functions such as indicating, to drive on busy roads, or to preempt hazards occurring. If you can think of areas that you need/want to improve on, do it to get you steps closer to being test ready!


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