February 27, 2020

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Unveiled at the 2014 Los Angeles motor show, hours after it was shown in China is the new Mercedes S-Class based Mercedes-Maybach saloon, known for its luxury, customisation and personalisation to the highest levels, the new flagship S600 certainly lives up to the reputation.

The model is based on the long-wheelbase S-Class, however it is 200mm longer to create even more legroom in the rear for the two lucky rear passengers, the car having four seats in total, as usual. The Mercedes-Maybach models will be available from 2016 onwards.

The S600 is the top of the range model, the engine bay housing a 6 Litre V12 with 530bhp and 830Nm of torque. Other models include an S500 V8 Maybach and a V6 S400 4MATIC. Estimations have been placed at an extra £10,000-£15,000 in comparison to the standard long-wheelbase S-Class, meaning the S600 model would be around £130,000 before options are added. This is still nowhere near the lofty heights of the former Maybach 57 and 62 models.

Maybach ceased to be a brand in 2013 and the last Maybach was manufactured in December 2012 after a poor run of sales, selling only 3,000 cars since the brand’s revival in 2002. This was after targets of 1,000 cars per year had been set, Maybach having demand for only 3,000 models compared with the 10,000 expected target over the 10 year period. In November 2013, Daimler announced another revival of Maybach as an ultra luxury edition of the already plush S-class.

Extra features that it boasts include extra rear leg room, more headroom and allegedly the quietest back seat experience of any production ca. A panoramic sunroof is standard, in addition to privacy shades for the rear glass and extra interior details over a Mercedes S-Class. These include many wood trim choices, embossed logos, ambient lighting and Burmester 3-D surround sound as well as a wide choice of leather, stitching and styles, amongst others.

On the exterior, the S600 has a larger grille with vertical chrome strips. The triangle windows on the rear doors have been placed further back, behind the C-pillar allowing occupants to sit behind the last pillar in the car, for maximum privacy. Customers can personalise the car to look as similar or different to the regular S600. This includes choices of exclusive materials, colours and wheels. China is a particular target for the Mercedes-Maybach model.


Mercedes-Maybach S600

0-60: 5 seconds

Top Speed: 155mph (limited) (249km/h)

Bhp: 523

Torque: 830 Nm

Engine: 6L V12 bi-turbo

Transmission: RWD

Weight: 2000kg+ (Estimate)

Price: £130,000+


My personal thoughts are that the car changes many subtle items that aren’t worth the extra price. Of course the new model is way better value than the previous 57 and 62 models that could cost £300,000+ but the car is still a glorified S-class, which in my opinion is luxurious enough and is already a very competent car in its class. For those who want the extra luxury and opulence then the Mercedes-Maybach will be sure to deliver.

What are your thoughts on the article and the Mercedes-Maybach S600?


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